How these personality traits will help you in your law course

Any country, democracy, or civilization runs smoothly when it is backed by a good system of law and order; a system that is upheld by the lawyers of the country. Becoming a part of the judiciary system of India as a lawyer entails that you specialize in law. Before you enroll yourself in a law course at the best law college in India, you must ask yourself whether you have the skills needed to become a good lawyer.


A student can take up a bachelor’s degree in law at any of the best law colleges in Indore after clearing the Class 12 exam. You can also enroll for a   bachelor’s degree in law after completing your graduation in any other stream like arts, commerce, and business administration with courses like BA, BBA, B.Com, B.Sc, etc.

For students who take up the law undergraduate program after class 12, the course duration is 5 years, which gives them a graduate degree along with the LLB degree. The 5-year program is an integrated program and is preferred by most students. The degree awarded after an undergraduate law course is BA/BBA LLB or BA/BBA LLB (Hons) but it may vary from college to college.

Students can also pursue a 5-years integrated honors program that offers a degree of specialization in a particular aspect of law. If you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in law after completing your undergraduate program in another stream, it will take 3 years to complete the LLB course.

Skills and personality traits of a good lawyer

For a person to become successful in the legal field, getting a degree in law is not enough. One must possess some inherent personality traits and acquire a few other skills to complement the knowledge of the subject.

  • Research

One who does research reaps its benefits. Research is indispensable for all specializations of law like Corporate, Criminal, Civil, and Litigation. Law precedents often come in handy for lawyers in similar kinds of cases and also help them in deriving their working plan for cases.

  • A voracious reader and writing skills

A good researcher needs to inculcate the habit of extensive reading of journals, old cases, and reference books. He or she must stay updated about any changes that have occurred in the judiciary system. Along with reading, a good lawyer must also possess writing skills with good command over the language. Lawyers need to draft several legal documents, and good writing skills help them in preparing flawless documents to be presented in the court of law.

  • Confidence

Confidence is critical to present your point emphatically in the court of law. It is a trait that is of utmost importance and helps a lawyer not just in the courtroom but also while counseling the clients.

  • Soft Skills

Soft skills are very important in any profession today and more so in the field of law, where the lawyer must be able to empathize with the clients and communicate the facts and their critical analysis effectively.



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