How to Access and Change Microphone in Windows 8

If the microphone phone you are using is not working correctly or you brought a new microphone want to check it or replace it with the current one, then read on. Here is how to access the microphone menu and switch your microphones.

Windows 8

Ways to access the microphone menu in Windows 8:

You can access the microphone menu from the start menu, taskbar, and control panel of your Windows 8 computer. Here all three methods are given with simple steps.

Access microphone menu from the start menu:

1.    Hit ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard.

2.    Type ‘microphone’ in the search bar.

3.    Select ‘Settings’ from the results.

4.    In the settings window, click on ‘Manage audio devices’ option.

5.    Open ‘Recording’ tab in the sound window.

Here you’ll see your microphones.

Access microphone menu from the Taskbar:

1.    Right click on the ‘ Speaker’ icon at the left side of the taskbar.

2.    Click on ‘Recording devices’ on the prompted menu.

A list will open with your microphones devices.

Access microphone menu from the control panel:

1.    Take your mouse cursor to the top-right side of your screen.

2.    Select ‘Settings.’

3.    Click on ‘Control Panel’ in the next menu.

4.    You’ll see the control panel window on your screen.

5.    Click on ‘Hardware and Sound’ settings.

6.    Under sound, click on ‘Manage audio devices.’

7.    The sound window will open on the screen.

8.    Open ‘Recording’ tab in the sound window.

Here you’ll see your microphones.

How to change your microphone:

To disable, change, or set as default, you need to open the recording tab in sound windows. With any of the above method, open microphone settings.

1.    Locate to the ‘Recording’ tab under the sound window.

2.    Look for the microphone you want to use or modify settings.

3.    Right click on a microphone to use it.

4.    Click on ‘Set Default’ option.

5.    Choose ‘Set as default device’ to activate the microphone, and use it on your computer.

6.    Or, choose ‘Set as communication device’ to use the microphone only for communication programs, chats, and games.

That’s it! If you’re not getting your microphone in the list. Check the following:

•    Check that your microphone is plugged in.

•    Check the jack in which the microphone’s plug is inserted.

•    Check ‘Show Disabled Devices’ option is turned on. Right-click on a microphone and checkmark ‘Show Disabled Devices’ to view disabled devices.

How to test a microphone:

•    Locate to the ‘Recording’ tab under the sound window.

•    Tap on the active microphone or say something.

•    Check the rising green bars next to the active microphone name.

•    The green bar will rise when you create sound.

If you’re not seeing any green bar for the microphone you’re using, configure it. Before configuring the microphone once check it is set as default or not.

To configure your microphone:

1.    Click twice on the mic to open its properties.

2.    Switch to the ‘Levels’ tab from the above tabs menu.

3.    In levels tap you’ll see two sliders one for “microphone’ and other for ‘Microphone Boost.’

4.    Click and hold the slider button of microphone slider.

5.    And drag it to the far right of the slider to the 100 points.

6.    Then click ‘OK’ to go back to the sound window. That’s it! Now, create sound, tap on the microphone, speak something and check the green bars.

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