How to Access Google Meets for Video Conferencing

Google Meet is a video conferencing app that was created for a purpose to let you continue your business meetings from anywhere around the globe. This app consists of both Google Hangouts and Google Chats. Google had limited this service for business meetings only, but now they have made it available for everyone for free without any time limit, and one can add up to 100 people at a time. Though it is suspected that the time limit will be restricted after September this year and the users can exceed the time limit only up to an hour.

How to Access Google Meets for Video Conferencing

Just like any other video conferencing app, Google Meet also requires you to sign in and create an account to join any meetings so that both the participants and host can have better control over the meeting room. Creating an account also prevents the meeting rooms from Zoombombing, which refers to the situation when some person hacks into the online meeting rooms and interrupts the meeting by displaying disrupting content to the users or participants. For preventing such cases, Google has introduced better security and privacy policy. There is a feature where if the participant doesn’t join the meeting via Google Calendar, they automatically get entered in a green room, and they will need an allowance from the host to enter the meeting. Google allows you to record the session as well.

Any Gmail account user can use Google Meet. On your Gmail app, you can find the section written as Meet on the left side of the screen. But recently, some users mentioned that they couldn’t find that section on Gmail, and if you are also experiencing a similar issue, open the Google website on your laptop or computer. On the top right corner, tap on the grid to find all the Google Apps. There you will find the Google Meet, click on it and begin using it. Here are various methods on how you can get access to Google Meet.

From Google Calendar

It is pretty simple to use Google Meet app on mobile phones. You can simply download the Google Meet app on your mobile from the Play Store or App Store. If you use Google Calendar, open the app and locate the ‘Add Video Conferencing’ section. Click on it, and you will be directed to Google Meet, and you will be notified with ‘Google Meet: Video conferencing details added.’

If you use the Google Meet app on a desktop, the procedure to add an event or meeting will remain the same. Add all the details and begin your meeting.

From Gmail

If you are able to locate the Meet section on the Gmail website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Start a Meeting’ option underneath the Meet section.
  2. You will find a link that you can share to people for joining the meeting, under the ‘Meeting Ready’ section.

If you are a participant of the meeting, copy the link and paste it after clicking on ‘Join Now’ to begin.

If you want to share any presentation, click on ‘Present’ and if you’re going to show a presentation later in the meeting, continue with the ‘Join Now’ option. You can later switch it by clicking on the icon given below on your window.

After joining in the meeting, you can share the link of the meeting with others. When others will try to participate, a pop-up window will appear on screen to ask for your permission to let them enter or not.

Some additional features of Google Meet are:

  1. Change Layout- It allows you to switch the layout or the view in which you see all the participants.
  2. Caption- Like YouTube, you can turn on the captions for the meetings so that you can clearly see and understand what the speaker is saying.
  3. Mute Button- During the meeting, you can mute your audio and video as fine.


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