How to Ace Online Assessments?

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The corporate world is a fast-paced one! Hence, to make your place in it, you must ace your online assessment. 

Many corporate organizations rely heavily upon pre-employment assessments to test the skills of prospective candidates before hiring them. 

With the advent of latest technological aids, these assessments are now being held online by corporate entities. This means that you have to bid goodbye to the comfort of pen and paper tests and be ready to overcome the challenges that come with online tests. Now, let us help you skin through 5 easy ways to ace any online assessment test! 

We’ll also give you an exclusive insight into how taking online assessment tests like an accenture online assessment test and Infosys online test can help you increase your chances of getting hired. 

What Do You Mean by Pre-Employment Assessment Test? 

Pre-employment assessment test is an important means used by companies to collect important information about the skills of their respective candidates. A pre-employment assessment test is a crucial part of the job screening process and helps validate the information provided by the candidate in his or her resume. 

The idea of a pre-assessment employment test might spark apprehensive feelings in the minds of some candidates about being hired based on their test results. That said, these tests are an effective way to gauge the skills of a candidate and hire the best professional employees for the company. 

Depending upon the requirement of the company, a pre- employment assessment test can be in the form of a personality test, cognitive ability test, skill assessment test, professional knowledge assessment, and physical fitness assessment. If you are planning to appear in a pre-employment assessment test and are worried about how to prepare for it, then pay close attention to the five tips given below.

Tips to Ace Your Upcoming Online Assessment

  1. Practice to Improve Your Skills! 

In a pre-employment assessment test you might be facing a variety of questions that will have varying degrees of difficulty. However, the points assigned to a difficult and an easy question might be the same. 

By taking several online mock tests in advance, you can prepare yourself to face even the most difficult questions with ease. Mock tests will also help you to judge the easy and the difficult questions in the paper so that you can choose to answer the ones you feel most comfortable with. 

2. Skip the Guesswork 

Before you set out to take the online assessment test, it is a good idea to take a look at the examination pattern. If the test contains negative marking, then you must avoid all types of guess work. Answer the questions you feel 100% confident about and leave the rest. 

Answering fewer questions correctly in the examination is going to fetch you more marks than answering multiple questions incorrectly. However, if the examination does not contain any negative marking, then you can guess as many answers as you please!

3. Conduct Thorough Research 

If you want to improve your chances of cracking your pre-employment online assessment, then it is recommended that you conduct thorough research about similar tests. 

This can give you an idea about the kind of questions that might be asked in the final examination and give you a head start as compared to your competitors. Corporate companies generally give prospective candidates at least a few days time to prepare for the assessment. You must utilize this time to your advantage and practice well before the examination. 

4. Work on Time Management 

If you’ve taken an online examination before, then you must’ve noticed a timer at the corner of your screen. Most candidates tend to get intimidated by this timer and get overwhelmed during the assessment. 

To avoid this, you must remember that the clock is your best friend and you can use it to your advantage. You must learn to save your precious time by first attempting the easier questions in the examination and then use the rest of the time for attempting the difficult ones. 

Now that you’ve got a good grasp on important tips to crack your upcoming online assessment, let’s understand further about the Accenture online assessment test and the Infosys online test

What Is Accenture Online Assessment Test? 

Accenture is a corporate technology consultancy firm that takes a multi-faceted approach to hire deserving candidates for their job vacancies. An Accenture online assessment test helps the company measure the cognitive abilities and function of an individual. 

The Accenture online assessment test is also an important parameter to gauge the understanding of the candidate about the business and how their skills can help the company to progress further. It typically consists of either a job stimulation test, a logical reasoning test, communication assessment, and an immersive numerical reasoning test. 

What is Infosys Online Test? 

If Infosys loves your online application, then the company will invite you for an Infosys online test. The test is an immersive experience that will test important professional skills that are required to do justice to the position you’re applying for. 

A typical pre-employment assessment at Infosys, consists of an aptitude test, a logical reasoning assessment, a quantitative ability test, and a verbal ability test. To help prepare yourself better to face the Infosys online test, you can also take up multiple online test series and build your exam preparation strategy.


If you’ve been selected to appear in any assessment test, be it – Accenture online assessment test or Infosys online test series, then you must be proactive with your preparation. Use the online assessment preparation tools at your disposal to understand the assessment patterns and figure out a preparation strategy that works the best for you. 

A great way to boost your confidence for the online assessment can be taking multiple online test series and taking note of your pitfalls. All things considered, if you’re preparing for a job that you truly desire, then just go all-out with your preparation and get hired! 

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