How to acquire an Australian Student Visa in India?

Australia has always been a hot spot for Indians to begin a career with their higher education. There is a set of rules that must be followed for students who wish to pursue their higher education in the country. This begins with acquiring a potential student visa. Every visa differs according to the kind of education that a student wants to pursue. A Visa Immigration Consultant India can easily enlighten you with all the necessary information.

The entire process is simple once all the requirements are met.


Steps To Get Your Hands on an Australian Student Visa

The Student Visa for Australia in India can be acquired by meeting a set of rules which includes:


  • Evidence of language proficiency:

In order to gain professional and legal entry into an educational course, it is very important to meet the basic standard of English language requirements. Determining your scores with the help of IELTS for immigration purposes by the Australian government is one of the most approached tests.


  • Apply for an education provider:

It is important for you to get accepted into the study program of the country before applying for a student visa. An offer letter from a university makes it easier for you to get your hands on, and this requirement makes it easier to pay for the visa application. The process also involves making an account with the immigration authorities of Australia, where you have to present all the required documents and approve your passport. This gives proof of your temporary stay in the place.


  • Complete the online visa application form:

The online visa application form portal begins at least 2 months before the course starts. Make sure to consult an Australia Migration Consultant in India and apply for the visa online.


  • Payment of the visa fee:

After paying the visa fee, make sure to submit your application form online. This helps with a refund in case your visa gets rejected. A Transaction Reference Number (TRN) can help you track your status online. Contact the Best Migration Consultant in India to help you out with the same.


After completing all other formalities, like a possible health check-up and legal immigration rules, you are good to go with the student visa. Make sure to keep an extra hard copy of the visa apart from the electronic copy. The FCC Visa and its regulation can help you achieve an adequate score in the IELTS exam, which is the first step towards achieving potential qualification for getting your hands on a student visa for Australia.

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