How to Acquire Prince2® Foundation Certificate in Project Management?

Are you looking forward to becoming a PRINCE2 practitioner? If yes, you will have to appear for PRINCE2 foundation exam. The exam aims at measuring the candidate’s skills and capabilities at working as an informed project management team member. Depending on the answers given by the candidates, the examiners are able to discern the candidate’s understanding of terminologies and principles used in the industry. If you are keen to pass this exam with flying colors, here is what you need to do.

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  • Describing the aim and objective and major roles played in project management. The candidate must understand and explain seven processes, seven principles, and seven themes.
  • Explain in detail the management projects that are process inputs and outputs.
  • They must understand and explain the primary contents of the major management products.
  • They need to clearly indicate the inter-relationship between deliverables, roles, and processes of a project’s management dimensions.

Exam Format

The prince2® foundation certification exam is a one-hour paper with 75 multiple choice questions to be completed. A question booklet is given to the candidate and 5 of these questions are just trial questions and the candidates get no marks on solving them. Rest 70 questions are one-marker each. Thus, the paper carries 70 marks. All 75 questions are similar, and the candidate cannot find which 5 are trial questions. It is for this reason candidates strive hard to solve all 75 questions correctly.

The paper has questions that require the candidates to explain the terminologies and elucidate PRINCE2 methodology and its benefits. They also need to identify the relationship between roles, specific products and processes of PRINCE2. The candidate just needs to tick on the right answer as the questions are given in multiple choice formats. The candidates need minimum 50 percent answers correct to pass this exam. Thus, the candidate who answers 35 questions correctly can crack this exam.

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