You can follow the below-mentioned steps for setting up your McAfee account, ACTIVATION of the software and verifying your subscription.


Step 1: setting up of McAfee account and activating the software.


1.Open the McAfee Software that must have come pre-installed on the PC and then access your account for viewing your subscription.


To access your account in new Windows user interface-


-Open the McAfee security software first.

-Select SETTING GEAR icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

-Go to MY INFO option and select MY ACCOUNT.

-This will take the user to the website of McAfee.


To access your account in the legacy windows user interface.


-Open the McAfee security software.

-Click on MY INFO option on the right side.

-Select GO TO MY ACCOUNT and you will be taken to McAfee website.


2.Enter your email address at the McAfee website. Then select NEXT.

-Login as usual if you have an account already.

-Create a strong PASSWORD, if you don’t have an account already, then choose NEXT.


3.Once you get logged into the account, complete the activation of your McAfee Software by following any prompts that pop up.


Step 2: verify the subscription


   Once the process of activation gets completed, you need to use the VERIFY SUBSCRIPTION features for synching your installed McAfee Software with the new account.

1.Make a right-click on the icon of McAfee in the notification area located next to the clock at the bottom of your windows desktop. Then, choose VERIFY SUBSCRIPTION.

2.Once the process is completed, your subscription information and Software will get synched and up to date.


[Note: McAfee strongly recommends it’s users to register using their current email address, so that if they ever need to reset their password, McAfee can send an email to the same address that they used during the registration.

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