How to Add and Remove Extensions or Apps on Chromebook

Extensions and applications make a device more powerful. If you want to make your Chromebook more potent with more features and functions, then the easiest way is adding apps and extensions to it. But to add anything to your Chromebook, you must be using the administrator account. If you’re using it as a guest or at work or school, then you can’t add any one of these without the permission of the administrator. If you’re already using the Chromebook with admin access, then here is how to add and remove extensions or apps on Chromebook.

How to add extensions and apps on Chromebook

1.    Go to the ‘Chrome Web Store.’

2.    On the Store’s main page, click on ‘Apps or Extensions’ in the left menu.

3.    Now, browse through the app or extension. You can directly find the thing you’re looking for with the search bar.

4.    Find the search bar and click into it.

5.    Then type the name of the app or extension you are seeking.

6.    When you find an extension or app, you want to add to your Chromebook, select it.

7.    And click on the ‘Add’ option.

8.    Check the information for the extension, if you’re adding it. You can also check which app and data extension will access in your device.

9.    Then click on ‘Add extension’ option.

How to sync your extensions and apps

If you want to access apps and extension that you’ve added on other devices also, then turn on syncing. After turning on syncing, you’ll be able to use them on the device you’ll sign in to your account.

1.    Select time from the lower right corner.

2.    Click ‘Settings’.

3.    Select ‘Sync’ from the People section.

4.    Select the things you want to sync. If you want to use everything on the device you sign in to, select ‘Sync everything.’

How to manage or remove extension and apps from Chromebook

If you want to remove an extension or app from your Chromebook, use these instructions.

To uninstall an app from Chromebook:

1.    Open ‘Launcher’ by clicking on the launcher icon at the corner of the desktop.

2.    Then click on ‘Up arrow’ icon.

3.    You’ll see apps on the screen, find the app you want to remove.

4.    Right click on the app and select ‘Uninstall/Remove from Chrome.’

5.    Choose ‘Remove.’

To disable an extension from Chrome:

1.    Start ‘Chrome.’

2.    Bring up the Chrome menu by clicking on the ‘More’ icon.

3.    Highlight ‘More tools.’

4.    Click on ‘Extensions’.

5.    Find the extension you want to disable temporarily.

6.    Turn the extension off.

To uninstall an extension from Chromebook:

1.    Start ‘Chrome.’

2.    Bring up the Chrome menu by clicking on the ‘More’ icon.

3.    Highlight ‘More tools.’

4.    Click on ‘Extensions’.

5.    Find the extension you want to remove.

6.    Click the ‘Remove’ button of the extension you want to uninstall.

7.    Choose ‘Remove.’

If synchronizing is turned on, the changes you create on a Chromebook will apply on all the devices you sign in to.

Tips: If the extension’s icon is appearing in the toolbar, right click on it and then click ‘Remove from Chrome.’

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