How to Add Lyrics to MP3 Files?

Are you fond of music with lyrics? We have compiled various ways to put interesting lyrics to the song that you listen to make the song more appealing. Lyrics help to understand the particular song word by word in a clearer way. There are various ways to add lyrics to your desired song track in a very precise and straightforward manner.

Mostly the modern device comes with the feature having the ability to provide the display of the lyrics while listening to music. Most of the people still download and install MP3.

In case you wish to see the lyrics of the particular song that you are listening to, then this blog will help you to understand how to add lyrics to your favourite music track.

Add Lyrics to MP3 Files

Methods of Adding Lyrics to MP3 Files

There are a number of ways to add lyrics to your music files directly on your system, but for the beginners, we have concluded some easy and free methods to make them understand clearly.

It is recommended to activate the lyric capabilities on your music player before embarking on a ship to understand and add lyrics to your music track. You can use a free default player for your device such as Windows Media Player to run the track.

Follow these instructions to add lyrics to MP3 Files with easy and precise manner:

  • First and foremost, perform a right-click on any location just inside the media player after getting it launched.
  • Then, move to the section of “Lyrics, subtitles and caption.”
  • After that, hit the On button to get it activated.
  • Now, proceed with some easy methods for infusing lyrics to your desired audio or song track.

Using MP3 Tag for Adding Lyrics

You have to take the path of manual operations to add the respective lyric to a song if you have chosen “MP3 Tag.” There is no automatic way to add the lyric with this method as it’s not the primary tool for this program.

  • First and foremost, you have to download the MP3 Tag and then install the same.
  • After that, you have to install the tag of MP3 and then launch it on your system.
  • Now, perform drag and operation operations for putting the MP3 Files to the primary window. Users are free to add multiple files into the main window.
  • After that, right-click on the respective song in which you wish to add the lyrics.
  • Hit the Continue tab to proceed with the action.

Extended Tags

  • Go to the following window and choose the option “Add Field.” This option seems just like a star.
  • Then, input “UNSYNCEDLYRICS” in the fresh field.
  • After that, paste the lyric to the respective song into the section “Value.” You can search from numbers of available lyrics manually.
  • Hit the OK tab to confirm your action or a new tag.
  • After that, perform a right-click on the file of MP3 just after adding lyrics and hit the Play tab there. Now, you can see the preview of the added lyric to the music track.

Note: To see the lyrics with each song; you have to repeat the process to see the display of the lyric related to the particular song.

Using Lyric Finder

Many users opted for the app “Lyric Finder” and found it better for searching and adding the lyrics to the MP3 files automatically. It’s a free application that you can download easily and then install the same on your device. When the installation finishes, open it on your device and then begin adding lyrics to your favourite music tracks. The program won’t overwrite the lyrics if it already exists.

To find and add lyrics to the music, you have to follow these instructions:

  • First and foremost, you have to perform drag and drop operations with your MP3 files and put them into the main window.
  • After that, hit the Add folder or add files tab situated at the uppermost-left hand side edge of the window.
  • Once you have added the respective lyrics to your desired song, then the program downloads and syncs it to your associated MP3 player.
  • You will be able to view the green dot at the edge of your file, and this means that the lyrics are in an appropriate location. The software is super quick, and it works very smoothly with every music track. You can try playing the song in which you have added the music lyrics and see the display of the lyrics. You have to tap the Play button for playing the song with the associated lyric.
  • In case you wish to jump the next file, then scroll down the media player page. Lyrics Finder offers various offers on tapping the right-click on the MP3 file. The options include “force search lyrics or exporting lyrics to a text file.

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