How to Add Music Into Video on Windows PC or Mac

You can add music into a video on Windows PC or Mac to make the video more interesting and cool. It is easy to place audio to a video clip by using correct video editing tools such as iMovie and Adobe Spark. Here you will learn how to add music into a video on Windows PC or Mac.


Steps to Add Music Into Video by Using iMovie

•    Go to the iMovie. It is located in the dock or by going to the apps folder.

1.    Choose the Go option by going to the menu list located in the upper left-hand side of the display.

2.    Choose the Applications option by going to the Go pull-down list.

3.    Choose iMovie by going to the Apps list. It will open the iMovie app.

•    Choose the video you wish to edit. The projects are located on the left column of the display. On the window, you can choose the video which you want to edit by pressing on the preview screen.

•    Tap on the Audio button. It is located at the upper side of the iMovie screen. By clicking on it, you will get the menu list of all the available audio files which you can use in a video.

•    Search the audio you wish to use in a video. You can choose the audio by going to the music album of the system or from iTunes.

•    Pull the audio into the editing location. It is located at the end of the iMovie screen. Now, it will automatically place the audio to a video where you wish to, and you can easily edit to fade in and out of a video clip.

•    Press and pull the audio to place it in a video. After completing this procedure, press the speaker symbol to get the options to edit the audio.

•    You have to pull both audio and video in the editing location for moving the video clips.

•    Now, you can start editing the audio. You can increase the volume of audio by choosing and pressing on the audio clip. After that, pull it to the preferred percentage or remove volume of audio by selecting and pressing on the video clip. You can also decrease the video volume up to zero percent.

Steps to Edit a Video Online Through Adobe Spark

•    Press on the link on the default browsing application.

•    Go down and after that, press on the Create a Video option.

•    Choose a login option.

•     Go to the video which you want to edit.

•    Choose the Music option.

•    Press on the Add music button.

•    You need to upload audio to Adobe Spark.

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