How to Add PDF to PowerPoint Presentation on Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to presentation making software for a majority of people. Often, the need to insert a PDF document in a slide arises. Well, there are multiple ways to do so. If you have a Windows PC, then read on and learn how to insert a PDF into PowerPoint.

Adding a PDF as an Object

If you wish to see the complete PDF file while showcasing the PowerPoint presentation, then you can add the PDF as an object. While playing the slideshow, choose the PDF object, and then the PDF document will open in a PDF viewing program.

  • Launch the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Move to the slide in which you wish to add the PDF document.
  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Now, you need to select the Object.
  • After that, click on Insert Object.
  • Now, select Create from File.
  • Then you need to click on Browse.
  • Choose the folder or drive that has the PDF.
  • Select the PDF document.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • When the prompt comes, click again on OK.
  • Now, a PDF icon shall appear on your slide. If you want to open it, then just click twice on the icon.

Opening a PDF Document During a Presentation

For opening a PDF while the PowerPoint presentation is playing, you need to add an action to the picture.

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation in the Normal view.
  • Go to the slide in which you have added the PDF object.
  • Choose the picture of the icon of the PDF.
  • Now, click on Insert.
  • Choose Action from the range of options.
  • Click on Mouse Click in case you wish to launch the PDF with a single click.
  • Click on Mouse Over in case you wish to launch the PDF by pointing at it.
  • Now, click on Object Action.
  • From the pull-down, click on Open.
  • If using Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, then select Activate Contents.
  • Click on OK.

Adding a PDF document to PowerPoint as an Image

In case you just want to see a single page of the PDF in the presentation, then simply insert it as an image.

  • Launch the PDF o your computer.
  • Open the page you want to add to the presentation.
  • Launch Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Navigate to the desired slide in which you wish to add the PDF.
  • Click on Insert.
  • Choose the Screenshot option.
  • Select the PDF document.

Adding Text from any PDF Document to MS PowerPoint

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  After that, follow the steps given below and add the PDF text to your presentation.

  • Find the PDF document on your computer.
  • Launch it in Adobe Reader.
  • Click on the Tools Tab.
  • Move the cursor to Basic.
  • Click on Select.
  • Highlight the text that you wish to insert.
  • After that, click on Edit.
  • Choose the Copy option.
  • Move to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Open the slide in which you wish to add the text.
  • Click on Home and choose Paste. Or else, you can press Control+V.

Adding Graphics from PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Launch the PDF in Adobe Reader.
  • Right-click on it.
  • From the context menu, click on Select Tool.
  • Choose graphics.
  • Right-click on it and then choose Copy Image.
  • Or else, hit Control+C.
  • Go to the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Open the concerned slide.
  • Right-click and click on Paste.
  • Or else, hit Control+V.


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