How to Add your Business to Google Maps?

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Before we begin, here’s a quick trivia for you. More than 1 billion audience uses Google Maps to search local businesses on a regular basis. Did you know up to 45% of Google Searches are utilized to look up local business? Then, it’s no surprise that more than 72% of users who conducted the Google search have a great chance of visiting the local store within five miles from their location.

Having read this fact, do you realize what it means for you a local business owner? Let us spill the beans for you. It means, if your business has not claimed its space on Google Maps, you’re missing out on great number of customers by not listing yourself there.

One of the best things is the trends associated with the terms people are searching. Over the last two years, internet has seen a rise up to 900% in Google searches inclusive of terms like ‘today/tonight’ and ‘near me’. Your business would only feature in search results if it’s registered on Google Maps keeping in mind the hyper-localized search queries. Ergo, if your competitor is on Google Maps but you are not; you can’t imagine the string of customers who are not choosing you because you are lagging in featuring your business on the global web scene.

No need to pull your hair over this when we’ve charted out a massive solution for you in the simplest way possible regarding the same. Using the techniques mentioned below, you can easily put your business on Google Maps. This will make the products and services of your business up for grabs to avoid missing out on big chunk of customers searching local businesses. In this blog, you’d find the effective quick-fix to help you add your business to Google Maps. Dive right into the wealth of information below:

Adding your Business to Google Maps

Below you will find some simple yet effective techniques to add your business to Google Maps so you can cash in on a large gamut of customers that usually look up local businesses online. Let’s go:

  • Step1: Signing in to Google My Business Account

In case you don’t have your business enlisted with Google, it goes without saying that you may need to create an account on Google My Business. It won’t cost you a dime. All you need to do is make an account at by selecting Signing In. If you an existing member of Google My Business, please ensure that you are signed in prior to moving forward to the next steps.

  • Step 2: Adding New Location on Business homepage

After entering your homepage or dashboard, you will see three horizontal bars on the upper-left-corner. This is called the Menu. While navigating through the menu, keep scrolling down till you stumble upon the ‘Add a new location’.

  • Step 3:Type Business Name & Business Address

Next, you will be asked to put in your business name into a blank box. Enter it and click next.  Then, you will be directed to another pop-up urging you put in your business location. Type your country, street address, city, state etc. and Select Next.

  • Step 4: Adding a Pin for your Business

This is the perfect time to let your customers know where your business is located. Google will direct you a screen showing a map of the locality you entered on the previous screen along with a red pin. Next, you need to zoom into the precise location of your business, click and drag the pin around to that exact location. A minor mistake can leave your potential customers perplexed, ensure precision in this step.

  • Step 5: Confirming Business Details

The following prompts will be asking you about your Business category, phone number as well as website. If your business is already listed on Google Maps, this information might be added previously. However, it gives you another chance to edit any changes. Keep clicking Next as you proceed.

  • Step 6: Verifying your Business to Google

Now, you’re almost done. For letting Google enlist your Business on Map, it will ask you for verifying whether you are the rightful owner of this business. This aspect will display a verification process that will send you a PIN to enter your physical business address, your business contact number or other methods. Select the verification method of your preference, wait as your PIN arrives, and type it in your account to verify your business listing successfully.

As you’ve finished the verification procedure, your business listing is going to feature on Google Maps and go ‘Live’. It means your business will become accessible to users for being able to put in reviews, view photos, find directions to your business, directly visit your website and other useful information. As the business owner, you can make promotional posts, track analytics and respond to reviews and check the number of times users requested directions to your business.

Now, you won’t need to fret or frown over your business not being featured on Google Maps. Nor do you need to cringe when fishing for solutions to this problem in vain that we resolved for you. It is your time to gain momentum and let your business flourish because half of the world’s population searches for a local business either to choose the best option or to check reviews before plunging ahead.  Whatever the case is, your business can boast of being an integral part of the massive galaxy of local businesses enlisted on Google Maps and raking in the moolah with more customers springing into your outlet.

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