How to Adjust and Boost Bass on Windows and Mac

Want to adjust the bass of your computer? In some computers sound settings are inbuilt on which you can raise or drop the bass amount directly through the settings. But most of the Windows and Mac computers don’t have it so to customize and adjust the bass on that computer, you’ll have to use a third-party equalizer.

If you want to adjust and boost Bass of your Windows computer, then here you’ll know how to do it directly from Windows sound settings or via eqMac Equalizer.

How to adjust bass by using your Windows Sound Settings

1.    Launch start menu ‘Search bar.’

2.    Type and search for ‘Sound settings’ into it.

3.    Select the sound settings/sound mixer options from the results.

4.    Switch to ‘Playback’ tab on the sound settings window.

5.    Then click twice on the ‘Speakers.’

6.    Now, switch to the ‘Enhancements’ tab from the top of the Speakers window. If you don’t have the tab on your computer, then try an equalizer or alter bass from the sound section.

7.    Go down and click on the ‘Equalizer’ box to check it. You’ll find it in the middle of the sound properties window.

If you still don’t get it then maybe your PC sound card does not support or have bass adjustment option. Install and use an equalizer program to adjust the bass.

8.    You can also click on the ‘Bass Boost’ box to adjust the bass.

9.    Now click on ‘Settings or three dots’ at the bottom of the settings windows.

10.    Open Boost Level dropdown box at the top of the Equalizer window.

11.    Click on ‘Bass’ to automatically set your sound settings with bass-rich performance. Or drag the bass setting slider to low the bass of your computer.

12.    Click on ‘Apply/Save’ to save changes.

13.    And at last click on ‘OK’ to finish.

You can also use a third party APO Equalizer to adjust bass of your Windows computer.

How to adjust the bass on your Mac via eqMac

Download and install eqMac on your Mac

1.    Go to the download page of eqMac with your Mac browser. You can use to land directly on the eqMac download page.

2.    Click on grey ‘Download’ button near the right side of the download page. eqMac will start downloading on your Mac.

3.    Click twice on the downloaded eqMac DMG format file to install it.

4.    Move the eqMac icon to your ‘Applications’ folder by simply clicking and dragging it to the folder.

5.    Confirm and verify installation, when prompted and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Adjust bass via eqMac

1.    Open ‘Launchpad’ from your Mac’s Dock.

2.    Find the eqMac icon by scrolling toward the right or left.

3.    Click and open the ‘eqMac’ icon to launch the app.

4.    Click on the ‘eqMac’ icon from the menu bar. This will open a dropdown window.

Here you’ll see many sliders, before doing anything to the slider first understand them.

•    Bass sliders: Sliders having number “32, 64 and 125” are bass sliders.

•    Treble sliders: Sliders having the number “500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, and 16K” are treble sliders.

•    Neutral sliders: slide having number ‘250’ is the neutral slider.

5.    Now, move the bass slider up to increase the bass.

6.    And move the bass slider down to decrease the bass.

This is like experimenting. Here you are experimenting with your Mac’s sound so after setting equalizer, play a track and fine-tune the bass.

7.    Click on the ‘Floppy disk’ icon at the right-top corner of the equalizer menu.

8.    Type a name for your equalizer settings.

9.    And again click on the ‘Floppy disk’ icon.

That’s it! Your edited bass settings will save and set on your computer.

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