How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness in M1 MacBook

In this article, we have discussed the ways using which you can adjust the keyboard brightness in M1 MacBook. Recently Apple has announced MacBook Pror with Apple M1 chips, and it seems like everyone is loving the new processor and the capabilities it offers. Even though you will see similar specs on the new MacBooks, in terms of design, Apple has; however done a significant change. The shortcut keys for keyboard brightness adjustments have now been replaced with shortcuts for Dictation, DND, and Spotlight. So, if you are among the users who arethinking about how they can change the backlight brightness of their keyboard, you can follow the steps mentioned, which we have discussed below.With that said, let’s proceed further to how to adjust keyboard brightness in the latest M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Change Keyboard Brightness in M1 MacBook Air and Pro

Apple has completely removed the shortcut keys, yet, there are several ways using which you can make adjustments in the brightness of your M1 MacBook’s keyboard. This articlediscusses all the possible ways to make changes to the keyboard illumination and to turn on/off, MacBook Air M1’s keyboard light. You can also find the steps to get back those shortcut keys on your M1 Mac. With all that said, let’s get started with the methods:

Adjust Keyboard Brightness with Control Center

This is the easiest way with which you can change the backlight of your Mac’s keyboard. To change the keyboard backlight of your Mac using the Control Center in macOS Big Sur, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Control Center by clicking on its icon appearing in the menu bar.
  2. Further, press the option“Keyboard Brightness.”
  3. Now, you need to the slide bar formaking adjustments in the keyboard brightness of your M1 MacBook Pro/Air.

Add Keyboard Brightness Setting to Menu Bar

If adjusting the brightness of your Mac’s keyboard is the prime requirement of every day, then you follow the alternate method. Rather than adjusting it using the Control Center, users can add the brightness menu on the menu bar of their Mac.

You need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, tap on the icon of the Control Center icon appearing in the menu bar.
  2. Now, drag and drop the option “Keyboard Brightness” to the menu bar.
  3. Alternatively, users can head over to “System Preferences,” then click on Dock and Menu Bar and further on the “Keyboard Brightness,” Now, they need to checkmark the box appearing next to option “Show in Menu Bar.”

Now, whenever you want to change the keyboard brightness, you can do it by clicking on this icon rather than heading towards the Control Center.

Get Keyboard Brightness Shortcut Keys Back on M1 MacBook

You can also use the keyboard shortcut keys for adjusting the brightness of your Mac. This would, however, need some amount of work to be done. And below, we have mentioned what exactly you need to do:

  1. First, you need to install “Karabiner Elements” on your MacBook. Once installed, run it.
  2. You might be shown an error stating that“System Extension Blocked.”Now tap on the option“Open Security Preferences.”
  3. Further, press the lock icon and use your Touch ID or type your password to unlock.
  4. Then, press“Allow.”
  5. Now you need to launch the Karabiner Elements app and further press the button related to “Open Security and Privacy System Preferences”appearing in the pop-up that appearson the screen of your M1 Mac.
  6. Further, enable the options“karabiner_observer” and “karabiner_grabber.”
  7. Close Karabiner Elements and then re-launch it. Now tap on the option “Function Keys” appearing in the navigation bar at the top. It would have changed F5 and F6 to decreasing and increasing illumination of the keyboard.

Post following the steps, you can use the keys F5 and F6 in order to adjust the brightness of your M1 MacBook’s keyboard. Karabiner also modifies the F4 key to “Launchpad.” However, if and only if you want to keep it for the Spotlight, customizations can be done accordingly from the Karabiner Elements app. The Karabiner Elements app can be used to remap the Mac keyboard in any way required.

Disable Auto-Brightness for Keyboard Backlight

The Macs are set in a way that they automatically adjust the keyboard brightness whenever they come across low light situations. It pretty good in terms of battery efficiency; however, if you do not want it to happen automatically, follow the steps that we have mentioned below to disable it.

  1. You need to head over to the System Preferences and then click on Keyboard.
  2. Now uncheck the box stating, “Adjust keyboard brightness in low light.”That’s all you have to do.

Once you are done with the steps, the keyboard brightness will not be adjusted automatically.

So, these were the methods using which you can easily adjust the brightness of your M1 Mac’s keyboard. The individuals can use either of the above-mentioned methods. In our opinion adjusting keyboard brightness by going to the Control Center would work totally well. However, if you want to dig deeper into adjusting keyboard brightness using Karabiner Elements, you can do so. So, which methods would you prefer? Are you comfortable using the new method foradjusting the keyboard brightness on your Mac? Or would you prefer using the dedicated shortcut keys? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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