How to Apply for a VA Loan with Low Credit Scores in Chicago, IL


What do you do with a low credit score when applying for a VA loan? Let’s go through the article!


An excellent credit score is always a great thing when starting out a loan application. Even for VA loans, the credit scores matter. Offering the greatest advantages including no down payment and low credit score, the loan program has set a milestone in the market.

However, borrowers might not have spotless credit reports. This means affordable rates and terms will not be super easy to get. So, here we mention what happens when you have a low credit score for VA loan in Chicago, IL.

If You are Short on Credit Score Requirements

Eligible VA borrowers must not abandon their dream of homeownership if credit score seems to be an issue. Credit score changes, thus its fluidity is a huge factor. There is nothing to worry about credit score because there is no such thing as bad credit. You can change your fiscal habits in order to give your credit score a positive look. However, figuring out the necessary improvements is pretty tricky. Which debt should you pay down before everything? Should you cancel out particular credit cards? How to handle bankruptcy?

When considering a VA mortgage, you need to navigate the credit choices available. Consult with the VA loan experts. Consultants can guide future homebuyers who fall short on FICO scores. Improving your credit score is not easy as it seems. The process requires commitment and hard work. So, work your way through with a loan expert or professional lender.

Credit Score for VA Loan in Chicago, IL

Did you know VA lenders reviewed items on credit reports manually when credit score was not introduced? The credit report holds all the information about debts, credit cards, and late payments. Moreover, the credit report includes outstanding debt, judgments, and charge-offs. In any case, if the underwriter noticed missed payments, the loan application might be rejected.

Now, the FICO company follows a study of payment patterns to come up with a three-digit number reflecting your financial situation. Lenders pull credit reports from three major credit bureaus and pick the average one. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not designate a certain credit score. It is the lenders who choose a minimum credit score. Many lenders require 620 as the minimum but look for lenders allowing a minimum credit score of 550.

If you have been having a hard time finding a lender allowing low credit score requirements, contact Clear Lending.

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