How to Apply for SBI Kiosk Banking and Become a CSP

Are you residing in an underserved area where access to SBI banking services is a distant dream? Discover the potential to establish an SBI Customer Service Point (CSP), commonly known as GrahakSahayta Kendra, in your locality and potentially earn more than ₹40,000. Dive into this comprehensive guide to seize this entrepreneurial opportunity.

Let’s first explore what services are offered by SBI Customer Service Point (CSP)

Embrace the role of an SBI mini-bank means providing vital financial services to people without the inconvenience of traveling to a remote SBI branch. As a dedicated SBI Kiosk Banking agent, your responsibilities encompass an array of essential offerings:

•    Account initiation
•    Passbook printing
•    Efficient deposit and withdrawal procedures
•    Seamless money transfer
•    Jan Dhan Account facilitation
•    Atal Pension Yojna assistance
•    PM JeevanJyotiYojna support and beyond

Who Qualifies for SBI Customer Service Point (CSP)?

The eligibility criteria to Apply For CSP are designed to be inclusive, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of individuals. Consider the prerequisites before taking the plunge:

•    Age: A minimum of 21 years or above.
•    Education: Attained at least intermediate (10+2) education level.
•    Tech Savviness: Basic computer knowledge to navigate digital platforms.
•    Space Allocation: Sufficient area for setting up the CSP.
•    Trustworthy Reputation: A commendable local reputation devoid of criminal records.
•    Documentation: Possession of essential documents, including ID proofs, PAN card, ADHAR card, address verifications, shop agreement, police verification, and educational certificates.

Essential Equipment for SBI Kiosk Banking

It is essential to equip yourself with the necessary tools to ensure seamless SBI Kiosk
Banking operations. While the bank doesn’t provide these items, they are crucial investments you need to make:

•    Dual laptops/computers with internet connectivity
•    Devices should run on Windows 7 or higher, boasting 4GB RAM, 5GB Hard Disk, and a 5-hour battery backup
•    A scanner for document digitization
•    Money counting machine for precision
•    Twin printers (Inkjet and Dot Matrix) to document transactions
•    Bio-metric authentication to enhance security

The Application Process for Establishing Your SBI Kiosk Banking

Ready to bring your CSP to life? Here’s a step-by-step guide to the SBI CSP bank application process:

•    Step 1: Verify if your targeted area lacks an existing SBI branch or CSP.
•    Step 2: Visit the nearest SBI branch to express your intent to establish a CSP.
•    Step 3: If directed, approach the bank’s Regional Business Office (RBO) or find your local RBO details online.
•    Step 4: Alternatively, explore private CSP service providers recommended by the branch manager.
•    Step 5: Complete the online registration form provided by the service provider.
•    Step 6: At this stage, the CSP application and accompanying documents will be forwarded by the service provider to SBI for validation.
•    Step 7: Await verification and receive a unique login code for your CSP account via mail or SMS.
•    Step 8: Undergo mandatory training before initiating CSP operations.

Opting for the CSP service provider route streamlines the allotment process, although vigilance is crucial to prevent unwarranted charges and fraud. Apart from the registration fee, no additional payment is required before CSP allocation.

In the end, starting an SBI CSP in your locality helps make money while bringing important banking services to everyone. You can help your locality grow by providing needed services. Don’t miss out on this chance – Apply For CSP now to empower your locality and yourself!

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