How to appoint distributors for Retail marketing?

The best way to have a successful partnership with a distributor is to ensure that you choose the one that can help you get to market as quickly as possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that the distributor you end up with is selling to your exact target market. Additionally, you want to know that this distributor is successful at selling products to your target market.

appointing disributors

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One suggestion is to find out who distributes your competitors’ products. And when I say competitors, I mean the ones that are selling a ton of product. Finding the distributor that represents similar and successful products can help get your product to market faster because these distributors have already proven that they know how to win.

The ideal environment for a distributor is a market with many small customers and where the level of sales service required is high. The spread of customers is difficult and expensive to reach with a directly employed sales force who are more suited to dealing with a limited number of large buyers. Distributors generally aim to win business on sales rather than technical service. Their stock of products means customers can have instant delivery. Retail Marketing agency in Pune drive growth with a voice heard by retailers, selling your brand with commitment; consistency and reliability.

A difficult technical problem may require referring to the manufacturer. Simple repair work may be handled by the distributor. Distributors are, therefore, an efficient means of selling car parts to garages, tools to industry or components to electronic companies. They are inappropriate for selling complex industrial plant, computers or castings. If distributors are not performing well, the manufacturer should ask if their job could be better undertaken by a sales force or agency. Distributors will never prove successful if they are used as a cheap alternative to a sales force – they either fit the conditions or they do not. Retail marketing agency in Pune was set up to represent a number of brands that require customised, dynamic retail strategies and an innovative approach.

Many distributors make the mistake of expanding their product range to an unmanageable level, with the result that selling effort is dissipated. This gives rise to the commonly voiced complaint of manufacturers that distributors are order takers and not order getters. The product range they carry may be deep as well as wide with a variety of items from high to low value. In a recent interview, the marketing manager of an air tool company complained bitterly that his distributors were more interested in selling expensive compressors than tools which cost on average only a couple of hundred pounds each. Manufacturers are also accused of being interested only in selling into distributors and providing little help in selling out. Distributors rely on a strong demand puff for their products. Distributors want customers who ask for a product by name and this demands strong branding. Manufacturers should not assume that distributors are interested in switching customers to another brand at the point of sale. Small distributors may lack the time and trained management for planned marketing. Many are glorified shops relying heavily on counter sales. A token entry in Yellow Pages may well be the sum of their marketing effort. Market Research Company in Pune is high quality, timely delivery underpins all good service provision. Marketing agency in Pune Commitment to their clients is supported by our comprehensive network, our valuable experience and flexible problem solving skills.

Keep the distributor interested. Distributors are under constant pressure to take on a new range or a new supplier. Any manufacturer who becomes complacent about its distributor network is putting it at risk. If it is good there will be many who want to steal it. Distributor incentives and prizes, newsletters and constant support in the form of visits are essential to keep the distributor interested and stop it being tempted away.

Choose a distributor carefully. Find one that already has success selling to your ideal target market.

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