How to Avail and Cancel McAfee Subscription Free Trial?

McAfee, the leading online security software and services provider has offered its customers a wide range of antivirus and security solutions that helps in protecting their digital world. By installing McAfee antivirus or availing McAfee security solutions, a user can protect their confidential information, important data and files. The company understands the fact not all the customers have same security needs; therefore, it has categorized its product range in two categories; i.e. Consumers and Business.

Under the former category, you can find security solutions and antivirus that have been tailored to meet the requirements of home users. On the other hand, McAfee Business security solutions include products that have been made keeping in mind high-level of network security, data protection and other security requirements of the businesses. Almost all the McAfee products are available for free trial as well as paid version.


With McAfee free trial version, you can enjoy its security services for free. However, this can be availed only for a limited period of time and that is 30-days. For this period, your system or the device will enjoy a higher level of protection against all kinds of online threats that enter your system or attack your files with an intention of stealing the data. You can download a free trial version of almost all the McAfee product.

To get any McAfee antivirus free trial version, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit and then search for the product.
  2. Simply click on the Free Trial button or the link available with that product.
  3. The downloading will begin.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Run the setup file.
  6. Let the installation process complete.
  7. Your device is now protected!

If you do not want the McAfee antivirus free trial subscription or have purchased a paid version then you must be looking out for the steps to cancel your current subscription. For your information, the free subscription trial cancels automatically after the time period of 30 days expires.

Once expire, you will receive a notification on the given email ID to buy the subscription to use it further for protecting your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. In case, you don’t want to continue with it simply delete or ignore this email. On the other hand, if you want to continue with it then takes further steps to purchase it.

Before you purchase a McAfee subscription, it is recommended to remove that previously installed free version as its residual files may cause interruption or conflict in the downloading, installation and activation of the new one. To remove, you will need to run a removal tool named MCPR (McAfee Consumer Products Removal).

Tips Before Downloading MCPR:

  • Always download a new and updated copy of the MCPR as the latest version will help the tool to recognize all the new products.
  • Keep in mind that the MCPR tool has been designed to remove the components required for re-installation. It doesn’t clean up 100% of the components though.
  • After you download the tool, restart your device!

Steps for Cleaning Up the McAfee Free Trial Version’s Residual Files

1. Download the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool and double click MCPR.exe.

2. Click Yes and then Continue or Run upon prompted by a security warning.

3. Now, click Next and Agree to the McAfee Software Removal Screen.

4. You will be again prompted by a security validation screen.

5. Complete the validation check and click Next.

6. Now, you will see either of these two messages:

a. Removal complete

b. Cleanup Unsuccessful

7. In the first case, restart your device and follow the procedure to download, install and activate the newly purchased McAfee antivirus.

8. In the latter case, contact McAfee customer support number, which is toll-free and get the issue fixed by a certified technician.

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