How to Avoid Speeding Tickets With a GPS

If you’ve ever experienced the heart-pounding chill of flashing lights in your rear view mirror, that undeniable feeling that you’ve just been busted for going over the speed limit, then you know it’s not an experience you want to repeat again. Even if you can’t take back other speeding tickets you’ve gotten, I’ll show you how to avoid speeding tickets by using a GPS system.

There are a number of ways you can avoid getting a speeding ticket lawyer mineola. The most viable options are listed below, and while most of them are not fun to implement, you’ll at least avoid paying court costs to dispute a speeding ticket when you could be off having fun elsewhere.

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1. Just don’t speed: This is far easier said than done. It’s tempting to pass a slow vehicle in the 55 zone when it looks like it’s all clear up ahead. But if you just plain don’t speed, a cop’s not going to pull you over.

2. Keep a better lookout for cops. Not everyone has an automatic radar in their eyes detecting where cops are sitting and where all the speed traps are located. That’s why you have to start scanning the horizon for potential speed traps and cop hideouts; if you can’t resist the speeding temptation, you have no choice but to look out for police.

3. Don’t drive a fancy car. Adorable red or black sports cars are the number one targets for speeding tickets. Even if you’re only going six or seven miles over the speed limit, a cop will likely ticket you anyway because you’re driving a sports car. If you do choose to keep a nice car, pay extra careful attention to drive according to the posted speed limit signs and you’re not as likely to get caught.

4. Invest in a PhantomAlert GPS system. This is probably your easiest option. If you insist on going over the speed limit continuously, or simply can’t trust yourself to watch out for cops, do yourself, your wallet, and your driving record a favor by using a GPS system equipped with alerts for red light cameras, speed cameras, cops, and speed traps. These cut down on the chance of getting speed tickets better than just about any of the above options.

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