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While many startups are short on cash, it is essential not to try and do your digital marketing yourself, unless you happen to be qualified in that field. So how do you set yourself up for success as a startup?

Firstly , it is best to recognise that as a startup, you are likely to be short on human resources so best to leave the available human resources free to create, enhance and sell your core product offering or service, and leave the digital marketing services for a professional agency.

So what services should a startup expect from a digital marketing agency?

Service Engine Optimisation

Service engine Optimisation involves ensuring that your website is designed optimally and has sufficient back-links so it can be highly ranked by Google.

Social Media Campaigns

This involves deciding on a social media advertising strategy, which involves deciding which social media channels to advertise on, and to run various ads to test the ones that are most effective

Google Ad Words

This involves having to work with some tools , such as Moz , Semrush or Alexa , to try and determine the best keywords to utilise. Other tools such as Google Trends are also very beneficial for the analysis.

Display advertising

This is self explanatory and involves creating and displaying ads. As some software tools may be expensive, keep an eye our for good deals or coupons to save money in deploying this strategy.

Finally, no digital advertising strategy should be static, keep experimenting and monitoring your campaigns using tools such as Google Analytics and keep evolving your strategy according , as you start seeing immediate results.




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