How to Backup and Restore iTunes or Music Library?

Backing up important data and private files to iTunes is a must if you have stored a large amount of necessary information in it.  If you have a large list of Music tracks and don’t wish to lose them, you have to take a full backup of all your essential files and Music. You can do this task by using the services of iTunes.

There are several ways to back-up your entire iTunes library. You may select any of the compatible methods to do the same and regularly backup your important data to the iTunes library. You may easily manage and backup your music files on your iOS device.

Here is how to easily take a backup of the Music list and important data in the iTunes library:

Ensuring that the Entire iTunes Library has been Downloaded Locally

The full data will be stored in iCloud if you are using the iTunes Store or iCloud Music Library. You have to ensure that you have backed up the entire contents and files that you have owned and purchased. You need a local copy for your Mac if you want to backup all your files and necessary documents.

In case you wish to download some important items to your iCloud Music Library to the Mac drive, then follow these instructions:

  • First of all, hit the Music icon located on a Mac device.
  • Then, locate the particular album, or albums, Songs, or artists that you desired to get on your device.
  • After that, select each of them and proceed.
  • Now, hit the menu tab to launch the pop-out list.
  • Hit the Download button to start the process of Download.
  • In case you wish to initiate automatic downloading for each thing that you have included in the Music library of your iOS device. To do so, follow these straightforward instructions:
  • First of all, open iTunes (Mojave or earlier edition) or Music app directly on your device.
  • Then, tap the Music option from the menu list.
  • After that, hit the Preferences tab.
  • Now, ensure that you are currently in the General section.
  • Make a tick mark to the Automatic Download box.
  • Now, toggle the automatic download bar to ON.
  • If you have properly switched ON the automatic download feature, the Music you add to the Music library will automatically be downloaded on your Mac’s hard drive.

Manually Backup the Entire iTunes Library

In case you wish to go through the manual process for backing up your iTunes library, then follow these guidelines:

Consolidating iTunes Library

In order to make sure that the entire iTunes data and important files are positioned in one place one you go through the backing up procedure with manual mode, you have to consolidate your iTunes library. To make it consolidated, pursue these instructions:

  • Ensure that you have downloaded a local file of your full music list to the Mac device.
  • Then, open Music or iTunes on your device.
  • After that,  hit the File tap parked at the top left-hand side of the device’s screen.
  • Then, hover on the Library option.
  • Now, choose the option “Organize Library” from the secondary menu.
  • Next, mark the box “Consolidate Files” once the Organize Library window pops-up on the screen.
  • Tap the OK button.
  • Once you are all set, you will find a copy of all your files in the iTunes library.

Creating a Copy of your iTunes Library to Backup Source

In case you are using a particular external hard drive, connect it to the Mac through a USB cable.

  • Hit the Finder option to launch the Finder window.
  • Now, choose Mac’s hard drive there.
  • Tap the Music option from the sidebar.
  • Choose the Music folder or iTunes and then drag the particular folder to your desktop’s external hard drive icon. Then, make a copy of the online backup service.
  • Hit the Verify tab if asked to do so.
  • Type your admin passcode into the asking field.
  • Click on the OK tab once prompted.
  • Wait for the copy process to initiate. After some time, you will get a copy of all the files that you have selected. It may take too long, based on the size of your iTunes or Music file. So, sit back on your couch and wait for the process to complete.

If you don’t want to lose your precious music files, then do backup your iTunes library. Make sure to follow the process mentioned above, when doing that.

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