How to Beat Mr. X the Tyrant Boss in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a terrific Zombie experience through the world of virtuality. The zombies are not only the huddle of this game instead of them; there are various creatures residing in this horrifying world. Tyrant is one of those creatures who is troubling the players, so to favor them, we have provided a specific workaround below. Make sure that you read this workaround carefully to avail of the best outcomes.

Prepare to Fight

Those who are unaware of this fact that Tyrant has the potential to resist massive weapon damage, but players can kill him by a perfect headshot. However, there are several prerequisites that players need to keep in their mind to accomplish this resort. Players should collect several items, including the healing elements that are necessary.

The list of collected items also needs to be fulfilled by grenades and ammo, and all these items will grant the player to tackle Mr. X successfully. Besides the attacking items, the healing items are also a prominent resort for fighting Tyrant because the antagonist creature can possess powerful attacks such as Clawed Hand.

This attack can thrash anyone in two or three consecutive hits, so healing items are also essential items for this process. The best ammo options that players need to consider are shotgun shells and ammo. Both of them are the best option to deal with Mr. X because two magnum ammo and magazines are pretty powerful to take down any enemy. In the end, the most prerequisite weapon enemy is hand grenades because they are the most powerful among other weapons in Resident Evil 2 Remake. So, it is a mandatory weapon for beating down Tyrant.

Fight with Mr. X

Once a player succeeds in getting out of the burning laboratory lies beneath Raccoon City, and then they need to head straight to the large elevator. The elevator is a battlefield of Tyrant, and players need to check their Inventory chest before heading to the arena. Players need to input the plugs that are being joined together.

Once they joined them, then they will encounter Mr. X Tyrant, and the most prominent thing to keep in mind during the battle is to learn the attacks of Tyrant. Players need to be aware and keep their eye on Tyrant to learn all his attacks because it will favor the players in resisting its attacks. Tyrant can possess several attacks, and three of them are pretty powerful; Claw attackJumping Claw, and Strong Slash.

However, players can easily dodge the first two, but resisting the Strong Slash is a bit. Players need to target their aim on the chest of Tyrant because it is one of his vulnerabilities. Players should execute the fire on his chest by using Shotgun alongside they can also go with the option of magnum and handgun. While fighting with Tyrant, players can see his health status; showing on the screen will be a feature in two parts.

Players can inflict instant damage to Tyrant by falling the rocks through the ceiling of the battlefield straightly onto him. After some time, the player will be encountered that a cut scene will be played on their screen, then they will receive a missile launcher. Now, players need to attack Tyrant with the received weapon to kill him successfully.

Players can also use the Missile launcher to eliminate the rest of enemies in the game such as Zombies or other creatures; meanwhile, they have permanently attained the missile launcher. Once players kill Tyrant successfully, then they are pretty near to witness the ending of this game. They just need to exit the arena after killing Tyrant and then kill the further encountered enemies. After killing all the left enemies, they will see a final cut scene on their screen; this is the end of the game.

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