How To Beat Speeding Tickets Now

It seems like yesterday when you used to run around the street early in the morning to catch your school bus and your arrogant classmate used to pass by you zooming in his sports car. You had always envied him and dreamed of a car just like that but the very first time to try pushing on your accelerator you were nabbed and pulled over by the officer. How unfortunate!!

You totally forgot to see the signboard telling you not to drive more than 60mph when you were driving at 80mph. Don’t worry you are not the only one. According to a survey, more than 1600 people are pulled over on US highways everyday.

In order to avoid running into one such condition you need to learn how to beat speeding tickets.

Watch For Cops

When you are cruising on a highway at a speed higher than what is allowed, you have to keep your eyes open for the cops. The first thing you should notice is those herbs situated real close to the edge of the road. These are their favorite hiding spots. Then there are advertising boards on the roads. As soon as you see any of them slow down and do not speed up until you are through. Remember, the longest a speed gun can read from is a 1000 yard. So, you will have to look around real good if you want to avoid speeding ticket.

While you learn how to traffic ticket lawyer nassau county remember, if you fail to spots the cop and you are asked to pull over. Just do it right away.

Keep Your Cool

Once your car has come to a halt you have to realize a fact which could save you a lot. The officer is the boss in the given situation. He is the only one with a gun full of bullets and a book full of tickets. So, the best way to talk to him is to be nice and polite. Cops are just like other humans and they expect some respect and if you give them that they might reconsider your ticket.

Being nice may not save you a ticket but it can save you a heavier fine.

Do Not Admit

Whatever you do, never admit the crime. These officers are professionally trained to get that guilt statement out of you which they would later use in the court to justify your ticket. Never say anything else but yes or no.

Please Let Me Go This Time

Everybody likes to be in a position of power and when a cop pulls you over, he is already in a position of authority. In the given situation if you are able to use your buttering skills and ask for a “let me go this time” you can get away with it. Doing this you will actually please his ego which can change his mind.

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