How to Beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Gamers are pretty intrigued due to the respawning of Dragon Ball Z through a video game. The game was released on 17 Jan 2020 and is being crafted under the supervision of Cyber Connect 2. The game’s objective resembles the anime which is to participate in battles. However, the game grants the players to relive some of the old memories of the Dragon Ball Z to stir a dose of reminiscence among the players.

The most nostalgic thing to witness in this game is to revive the prominent fights of the series and encountering Vegeta is the most promising among them all. The fight with Nappa is a precedes of Vegeta battle, thus it is a prerequisite for the players to slain Nappa first. Besides, Vegeta will be appear in two variants such as Great Ape and its regular form. The great ape is pretty resembles with the appearance of Goku.

Gamers can easily accomplish this fight by following appropriate ways that they can easily find in this blog. If you are also looking for proper guidance to beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, then read this blog attentively to accomplish it with more ease. We have specifically shared methods to beat Vegeta in both of its forms and it is highly suggested to execute them in the précised order as we have written.

Regular Form of Vegeta

Vegeta appears frequently in its original form in the first section of the battle and this form of its possess potent attacks such as Ranged and Melee. However, Goku can easily dodge them and below we have brief about more of Vegeta attacks alongside ways for gamers to dodge all of them.

  • Meteor Hammer is an infamous melee move of Vegeta that has the tendency to deal with severe damage and thus, neutralize the attacks of Goku.
  • Body Smash allows Vegeta to execute a severe melee punch, and inflict heavy damage to the player if it fixed successfully.
  • Assault Rush is the move that grants Vegeta to execute infinite amounts of kicks instantly and players can easily dodge it by maintaining a distance with Vegeta.
  • Consecutive Energy Shot allows the antagonist to inflict severe damage through ki blasts and it can be easily avoid by moving to distinctive direction.
  • Slash Wave fires move that executes several ki waves can easily be avoided  through strafing to other sides.
  • Dash Attack allows Vegeta to attack the player from the front side through melee body slam and it can easily be dodge by maintaining a proper distance with Vegeta.

Great Ape Form of Vegeta

After, players have beat Vegeta in its regular form, then the game will teleport the player into next arena. In this arena, Vegeta will appear in the form of Great Ape which looks similar to Goku and here are some of its powerful attacks that players need to dodge. We have provided below ways to dodge these attacks.

  • Super Mouth Cannon shoots beam of Galick Gun through the mouth of Vegeta. Players need to instantly switch their places to dodge this move.
  • Frontal Swipe & Bash has Vegeta move which grants it to execute fire kick on the players. gamers need to maintain a large distance to dodge this potent move.
  • Vegeta can also crash down and Jump Up on the selected area and they need to Simply get back from the yellow circle.


We hope that this article will favor you to accomplish your purpose which is more likely to be slain Vegeta. Gamers who are new to the world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can witness its experience on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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