How to become a health insurance agent in India?

Health insurance is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the nation next only to motor insurance.  A career in the health insurance sector means that you will contribute to the development of society and help people to prepare a solid plan for contingencies. 

Since healthcare is one of the most neglected sectors in the nation, many people suffer from the paucity of funds to get adequate treatments. Hospitalization is often expensive and drains the person of their hard-earned income.


Why become a health insurance agent?


By deciding to become a health insurance agent, you ensure that your clients get the best medical attention and treatment according to their coverage plan. Thus, you help them to concentrate on their own and loved ones’ health while preparing for contingencies. 

Similarly, by helping them select the best life insurance policy in India, you ensure that their familial liabilities are covered beyond their life. 


What is covered by health insurance in India?


Depending on the type of policy selected by the person, health insurance helps them to get coverage for – 

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgical procedures
  • Treatment plans, etc.


Before getting health insurance, it is important to do a screening of the individual. Thus, they can get free preventive care, checkups and vaccination during the entire process.


How do you become a health insurance agent?


Such agents can be engaged directly by the insurance company or through their intermediaries like brokers. It is important to work directly with a trusted insurance company like Safe tree to ensure that you get sufficient training and experience. Thus, you can contribute to society and help educate people about the benefits of health insurance.

Any person can become an insurance agent if they pass the following eligibility conditions –

  • Is a resident of India
  • Is 18 years or older
  • Have passed a matriculation certificate or equivalent examination
  • Has undergone training sessions through an insurance company like Safetree
  • Has passed the IRDA certification examination 


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