How To Become A Web Developer

You do not need a separate qualification to become a web developer. Only you need to have knowledge of this field. You should have a thorough knowledge of Html, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. 

You can become a web developer even without doing engineering. For this, you need to do 12th with BCA, BSC Computer Science, Computer Science subject and you have to do graduation after 12th. 

After becoming certified in a web development course. You would have many career opportunities in this. If you want, after this you can also do an MCA or MBA. Know what the necessary skills should be for a Web Developer.

Web Developer

Web Developer does the work that the website which is connected to the Internet, such as Database Web Based Software, Domain Hosting Management, many such tasks come in Web Development. To work on this, you should have knowledge of computers because it has to work in the computer field.

To become a web developer you have to learn HTML. This language is a bit technical but you can learn it if you try. A website cannot be built without HTML.

After HTML, you have to learn CSS. After this, you can do the styling of any website. CSS is used to give a good look at the website.

After having knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will have to learn JavaScript. Javascript is also used for animation.

Now after all this you have to learn PHP. It is a programming language, most websites are built on WordPress itself. If you learn PHP, then with this you can easily create a theme on WordPress.

After all this, you need to plan. After learning these four languages, you can become a good web developer. The salary of a web developer is also good. If you are more capable then you can get a better salary. The salary of a web developer can be from 15,000 to 20,000.

Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development 

The difference between Web Designing and Web Development lies in their work, how they do the work, and work-related to fulfilling what needs.

The work of designing a website is called Web Designing, meaning the work that is related to the presentation of the website comes in Web Designing. The work-related to controlling the working of the website comes in web development.

A web developer is a programmer in a way. Web Designers work to create the front of the website, for learning in-depth knowledge of web development you must choose a full-stack web development course, after completing this course you will be able to manage the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients.

Whether you want to become a Web Designer or a Web Developer, in both situations, you need to have knowledge of Html, CSS, and Javascript. Without learning these three technologies, you cannot create a website

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