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Adrian – Peterson living in Han Cao Ying heart?

Alone players about the Minnesota Vikings team & mdash; & mdash; Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) want to move the message is no longer news, it was reported that the superstar’s heart had a home of the Dallas Cowboys in June this year, Peterson Cowboys owner Jerry to the phone – Jones (Jerry Jones) expressed his intention formerly played for the Cowboys.

In fact, Peterson does not seem to cover up the matter, in December last year, the man from Texas running back indicated that, if he wanted to play for the Cowboys denied, then he is lying. Currently, the 29-year-old Peterson is now in the Viking seven-year contract in the fourth year, while the value of the contract up to $ 96 million.

This time, Cheap Jerseys Adrian – Peterson has issued a statement clarifying the matter, he said he “had never expressed to leave the Vikings meaning” and “willing to retire the Vikings.” Minnesota Vikings also said that Peterson is an integral part of the team. War season around the corner, Cheap Jerseys now is really not a good time to let the rumors flying.

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