How to Become WordPress Developer

If you are unable to do anything even in this digital revolution, then you will be very sorry, so learn something and implement it and see its result and if you think that yes this work can be done by me, then take advantage of your skills too.

Talking about bringing any business from offline to online, a website comes first in it. Where you can show the services of a shop or company and apart from this, how it is helpful for the shop or company logo.

In this article today you will know how a website is made and how you can become a website builder. That is, how can you become a WordPress Developer?

Now another question must be coming to your mind: what is this WordPress and why only WordPress Developer? Is there nothing but WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular and cool Content Management System – WordPress course in Rohini that is used by many popular bloggers and companies as well as about 60 percent of the websites of the world. Any type of website or blog can be created with the help of WordPress.

Why WordPress only?

There are many reasons why to use WordPress only, some of them I will tell you the rest when you start using WordPress, then you will understand.

  • WordPress is absolutely free.
  • This is the most used CMS.
  • You do not need any coding for WordPress.
  • Any feature can be put with the help of a plugin.
  • Many popular bloggers and companies have also started using WordPress.
  • It will not take you too much time to learn WordPress development, you can learn within a week.
  • There are many free resources available to learn WordPress development.
  • Apart from this, there are many reasons to use WordPress but it is very important for you to know this. Apart from this, whatever happens, you will understand slowly by using it.

Is there no CMS except WordPress?

It is not at all that there is no Content Management System other than this. There are many CMS available or you can create or make your own CMS too. I recommend WordPress because it is popular, free, and absolutely easy to use.

Could WordPress Be Paid in the Future?

As far as I understand WordPress is never going to be paid because it is completely open-source. Open source means that it is available to absolutely anyone, anyone can download it and keep it on their computer.

Now think for yourself and see that now you have downloaded, then someone or the other will come to your house and delete it or get it done.

How to Become a WordPress Developer?

To become a WordPress developer, you have to learn complete WordPress development. You have to see all the things by applying practical skills. You will have to do some projects for yourself. After doing this you will get projects or you can do the job of a WordPress developer.

How to learn WordPress Development – ​​To learn WordPress, you can subscribe to the Youtube Channel with WordPress Tutorials, and there you can see one or two videos every day and try to implement them.

Apart from this, you can buy a Step by Step WordPress Web Development Course from Udemy and learn from there as well.

How to get WordPress Projects – To get WordPress Projects, you have to first learn WordPress Development and after that, you have to make a Portfolio by doing 2 3 Projects. Then you can earn very good money by freelancing. If you are not able to get even 2-3 clients, then you can design your own three or four websites or you can create your own portfolio by working for someone for free.

How to get the job of WordPress Developer – To do the job of WordPress Developer, you may first have to join the internship program of a company, if you do not have a resume. If you have done some projects, then you can create your own portfolio or resume and show it to the company, this will give you a job as a WordPress developer.

All your doubts related to WordPress development may have been exhausted but if you still have any doubts then read the FAQ given below. All these questions are the most asked questions about WordPress Developer on Quora. Let us know the answers to them –

What are the benefits of becoming a WordPress Developer?

By learning WordPress development, you can do a WordPress developer job in any company or you can also earn money through freelancing. Apart from this, you can also create your own website or blog or you can teach others about WordPress.

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