How to Bind your rc transmitter and rc receiver

I purchased the TH9X as my first radio system and also have had not used one which did not have a vehicle attached. There have been a couple of hurdles I experienced due to the fact I did not make sure things i was doing.

First, the label from the R8B receiver the BIND and BATT locations are switched! You are able to plug battery in anywhere because the current and ground pins take presctiption common rails. However, should you connect battery to some funnel after this you wouldn’t have the ability to use than funnel for output unless of course feeding the signal right into a microcontroller. See Second Picture.

Second, was finding out how to pair the rc transmitter and rc receiver as two receivers increased in smoke since i wired the plug on the wall wort backwards! Stupid mistake however i did say a feeling of humor is required.

Third, I had been obtaining the remaining two receivers to pair using the transmitter but wasn’t getting any output on any funnel. Come to discover you need to switch off both rc transmitter and rc receiver to accomplish pairing.

Before I give my approach to pair the receiver towards the transmitter there’s one difference if you work with an RC vehicle/plane! Within an RC vehicle you’ll connect your LiPo battery into and Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and employ the ESC’s Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC) to power the receiver. I am not utilizing an ESC and can make use of a lantern battery but any battery power should work when the current is not above 6.5V.

How you can Pair/Bind your rc transmitter and rc receiver:

1) Install batteries into Transmitter. Don’t switch on yet!

2) Install bind plug into receiver.

3) Connect battery/BEC to receiver.

4) Around the R8B a red brought blinks quickly.

5) Press and contain the bind button around the Transmitter while you switch it on.

6) Once you discover the primary screen around the transmitter release the bind button. The TH9X’s bind button is on the radio module on the rear of the transmitter. See third picture.

7) The red brought around the receiver should stop blinking and turn into on within five seconds. See 4th picture.

8) Take away the bind plug.

9) Disconnect battery/BEC from receiver.

10) Switch off transmitter.

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