How To Block Tracking Cookies With Firefox?

Websites trace you over the net for showing aimed ads. It is worth noting that Firefox 65 is the latest browser to help you prevent it. You shall be able to block content tracking over the net without the requirement of a third-party add-on.

Want to know about Content Blocking in Firefox?

It is a group of safety settings made for blocking trackers and cookies which can result in affecting the privacy and browsing performance over a net.

The method for turning on Content Blocking

  1. Firstly, press on Menu.
  2. Then, press on Content Blocking in Firefox. Note that if you are unable to view this option, then the reason would be that you might not have upgraded to Firefox 65 yet.
  3. After that, go to the Firefox preferences privacy page, and select the appropriate option.
  4. Next, at the time you selecting the Custom plan, in total two settings are present that you can turn on by yourself. The first one is Trackers, and another one is Cookies.
  5. Note that for trackers, you need to block them in every window or Private window. Whereas for cookies, you shall be able to block not only third-party trackers but also cookies from the websites that you did not visit, every third-party cookie, and all cookies.
  6. After you press on ‘Change Block List’, you need to select between couple of different tracker lists for blocking.
  7. Note that level 1 supports few trackers, this balances the functionality of few sites, whereas level 2 blocks every detected trackers, this can break the website or stop content from loading. Press on a level. After that, press on Save Changes.
  8. Remember that after you are done with every settings, you need to close tab and browse internet. The time Firefox is blocking text on a site, the symbol of the shield shall get displayed on the address box. It shall be present between Green lock and the symbol of site information.

The method of disabling blocking for single sites

You should not neglect the fact that blocking all trackers and cookies shall lead to non-working some sections of the site.

  1. Firstly, press the symbol of a shield.
  2. After that, press on ‘Turn off blocking for this site.’
  3. Then, page loads, and note that every tracker and cookie is supported.
  4. Remember that shield comprise of the strike through it. This implies Content Blocking is turned off on the present site.

Hope you have been able to block tracking cookies with Firefox.

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