How to Blur Video Background While Using Skype on iOS Device

Nowadays, most of us are locked in their homes and working from homes. In this respect, several companies are working on their video conferencing tools to give better services to their users. Skype is one of them.

Recently, the app received an update from Microsoft. They have added the blur background feature in their video calling app. By enabling this feature, you can blur all the elements that are usually shown in the background when you are on a video call with someone. It is the latest update for the iOS users, and it is similar to the feature that is available for those who use Microsoft Teams app for video calls.

Skype is counted as one of the important apps. If you know the history of the Skype app, you will get to know that Microsoft bought this app from eBay for $8.5 Billion, and eBay had purchased it in 2005 for $3.1Billion. Now, Skype and Microsoft have been working for a long time together, and they are offering the services matching the video calling capabilities of their strong competitors like Google Hangouts and FaceTime by Apple.

You can download the updated app from the Apple store. The involvement of Artificial Intelligence in the app enhances the working of this app. The optics technology is used to blur the background during the video call. It is also considered the bokeh effect that focuses on the user’s face by detecting his/her body and gestures. But the use of this feature relies totally on AI, so you don’t need to get the external hardware.

Tips To Blur The Background In Skype App

You have to understand that this feature will not blur everything that was behind you. The feature is extremely useful if you want to do any formal video conferencing. You can also use this feature to call with your friends. For enabling this feature, you must have to get the latest version of the Skype app on your iPad or iPhone. For reconfirming, go to the App Store and view the update section. If your app is not updated, then they will give an option to update your app.

For enabling this feature, tap on the three-dot option on the screen. Now you will see the “Blur my background” option and you need to toggle on this option from there. The Application uses an AI feature that can blur the background while you are on a video call.

If you are an iOS user, then you can blur the background without any issue. For the Android operating system, you can expect this feature in the coming months.

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