How to Bring the Party to Your Work Desk

Who says work shouldn’t be a party? Sure, most of us don’t love trading our days for money, but work isn’t all that bad. Hopefully, you do something you love, and the drag to Friday isn’t unbearable. Maybe you’re even one of those people who loves Monday mornings!

Velox_catalog-11Either way, if you’re stuck staring at gray cubicle walls all day, it’s time to add some glam to your workspace. Here are some quick and easy things that will make your desk the hottest spot in the office.

Add Some Life to Your Desk

You might be the life of the office holiday party, but does your desk live up to that fun-loving reputation? Bringing a potted plant to your desk is an easy way to add some life to your workspace. It’s also a cool way to show the office that you’re a caring soul with a heart for nature.

Whether you go with a succulent, cactus, or something with leafy foliage, choose something that makes your heart happy. Just make sure it’s a hardy plant that can survive the weekends without water. If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, an art print of a flower can work in a pinch too!

Spice Up Your Everyday Things

You wouldn’t believe how many not-boring versions of everyday work necessities are out there. From pens and pencils, to planners, and cute bags with inspirational prints, if you’re still using the plain versions, it’s time to upgrade. The simple act of bringing in your own funny coffee mug instead of using the boring ones in the break room adds a little sparkle to your day. Because that afternoon caffeine break tastes better in a cute mug.

Color Coordinate

The key to having a cute and fun desk that isn’t just a cluttered mess is color coordination. Be your own chaos coordinator and own your workspace’s color scheme. Whether that means throwing out all those boring pens in favor of lime green ones or just matching your desk accessories with your company’s brand colors, do it with purpose and you’ll love the results. It’ll add a fun and unique aesthetic that will make working more fun, and the rest of the office will be green (or purple, pink—whatever colors you chose) with envy.

Create a Work Zone and a Party Zone

If you struggle to maintain focus on Thursday afternoons, it might be because your space is a little too cluttered. Choose from a selection of colorful desk sets that matches your other stuff and get organized. Having a dedicated “get stuff done” portion of your desk and a dedicated “kickback and scroll social media while nobody’s looking” space can help you keep your mindset separated for work and party. But if work feels like a party, is that really a bad thing?

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