How to Build a Base in Grounded

The new survival video game of Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded, has created a lot of buzz in the gaming market. The game consists of a fantastic storyline, mesmerizing graphics, and simple gameplay. Due to these mind-blowing factors, the game has managed to become an immense success. Players have to craft a lot of items in Grounded to sustain their survival. Thus, it helps them unleash their creativity.

Besides, there are various necessities that gamers have to fulfil for their survival, including a base. Although the whole house belongs to players, after getting shrunk, they need to find a shelter. In this article, we will discuss the ways to build a Grounded base. Below, we have provided a proper workaround through which players can learn the best ways to make a base.

Tips to Build a Base

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about various things they must keep in mind before crafting a base. The first thing is to build a base near the Mysterious Machine because it keeps the spiders and other insects away. Also, there are various resources near it. Gamers also need to know that the Base should be resilient enough to avoid infiltration from the enemies. Below we have provided steps to build a safe and rigid base in Grounded.

Building a Base in Grounded

  • Gamers need to go to the Craft Menu and then press the Base Building option to know about the crafting recipes.
  • Then, players have to find and collect all the requisite recipes. Thereafter, they need to locate an analyzer to open the Workbench.
  • Once players have collected and crafted all the required items, they need to choose a design from the Craft Menu.
  • After this, players have to start building the Base.
  • Players must build a water and food storing place in their Base.
  • Gamers have to craft a Shovel with 1 Acorn Shell, 1 Woven Fiber, and 2 Sprigs. The Shovel will help the players to build more floors whenever needed.

The game comes with several crafting mechanisms that gamers can put into use. Players are responsible for building a base from the ground up. They also need to figure out the raw materials and tools required to build the base. Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Grounded on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.


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