How to Build a Medical Startup: A Useful Resource Guide


The Ultimate Resource List in Healthcare Technology

Half of the world’s population lacks essential healthcare services, as reported by the World Bank and World Health Organization. The number of deaths from poor-quality care exceeds deaths from AIDs and diabetes. Technology exists to transform healthcare. But despite the promise technology holds, the healthcare industry is slow to embrace it because healthcare ecosystems are bureaucratic and stifling.

However, innovation in healthcare is happening faster than most people realize. Individuals who decided to build a medical startup were able to raise $9.5 billion in funding in 2018. Sooner or later, we’ll witness a massive adoption of healthcare technology globally.

Entering the healthcare market is complex. The presence of players such as insurance companies, governments, and regulatory bodies — which influence prices and policies — creates considerable friction. Additionally, many solutions fail to address real pain points of consumers.

To see what the HealthTech landscape looks like and empower you as a healthcare entrepreneur, we’ve created the ultimate resource guide with a selection of articles, case studies, statistics, and more. This guide addresses issues in regard to healthcare technology and reveals best practices to cover blind spots you might have.

What are the top healthcare apps today?

Digital health is not a myth, it’s a reality. The best medical apps are winning over doctors and patients alike because they assist in diagnosis, treatment, and well-being, enabling patient-centric care. Jump to the section below to learn about healthcare startups, mobile health apps, and the features that attract users.

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