How to build a most desired community app like Nextdoor


Nextdoor clone app is a community app that keeps the neighbors communicating with each other consistently. While social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can connect you with users worldwide, Nextdoor is intended for people in your neighborhood to form groups on the app. An individual’s phone bill address or a postcard that entails a code can be used for authentication. As a result, all members are identified by their real names enabling a secured user experience.


The following is a gist of how the Nextdoor-clone app works.


  • Users can sign-up by using their social credentials, email address, or contact number.
  • The user can then select their neighborhood to be notified and recommended for future events.
  • Users can upload their profile picture, address, and other information.
  • Then the account is subjected to verification to ensure an authentic user base.
  • The neighborhood feed provides the latest news, offers, events, and more.
  • A user’s favorite restaurant, shop, on-demand service provider, or business can be endorsed and shared with their neighborhood by liking it and writing a review for it.


Revenue generation is a critical aspect of any business. Nextdoor was funded by venture capital until 2016. Later the app began to generate money in various ways. Get a glimpse of how to set up a neighborhood social network and make a fortune. 

App development companies like Turnkeytown offer the best solution to develop a white-labeled Nextdoor clone app with advanced features and functionalities. Several features like sponsored advertisements, neighborhood sponsorship, and local deals brought in revenue to the app. According to Nextdoor’s May 2019 valuation, the platform is worth $2.1 billion. Many entrepreneurs are showing interest in developing such local community apps. So don’t think much and develop an app like Nextdoor and soar high in your business in no time.

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