How To Build Your Brand Using Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform and an online marketing tool that you make use of to market your business. The uniqueness of Instagram comes from the fact that it is centred on photos and videos along with captions.

It can turn out to be quite beneficial for your business. All you need to do is follow the instructions that can lead to desired results. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you build your brand using Instagram.

Include links of your store

Instagram can be an excellent medium for growing or even establishing your business. You need to start by making people aware of your business and sharing information about your products or the services that your company provides. For people to buy your products, you must include the link of your company in the bio. When someone visits your profile, they will most likely open your link also.

How To Build Your Brand Using Instagram

Create a hashtag for your brand and use it extensively

Hashtags are the weapons of social media marketing. You need to use them effectively to avail maximum benefits. To start with, you need to create a personalised hashtag for your brand along with other common and relevant hashtags and use it in your posts and stories to invite maximum engagements.

Post Sponsored reviews and images

Sponsored posts are an effective way of inviting audiences to your page. This option is provided by Instagram where your posts appear on other people’s pages irrespective of them following you.

You also have the option of collaborating with influencers and bloggers for your brand, which will help you get some of their follower’s interaction with your brand.

Consider running a contest

Contests are always fun, and they invite large groups of people to participate. Giveaways and contests are a great way to bring people on your page. They are often followed by crowds and you can use it to promote your brand.

Use the livestream option and invite guests for your live videos

Going live notifies your followers, and you can use that option to interact with the. A brand is built on trust and to garner trust from the followers you need to interact with them and address their questions and concerns from time to time. You should also consider inviting guests for your live streaming, as their followers will also be notified about the livestream and your brand can benefit from those audiences.

Post regularly and share stories

Posting regularly is the key to holding the interest of your followers. And you also need to understand that the posts should be fun and creative. Do not just post for the sake of doing it. Try to use interesting captions and enhanced filters for your posts. You should also continuously post stories, and within stories, you have a few options of inviting engagements of your followers like polls or question answers etc.

Instagram also gives you the option of highlighting your stories on the profile, so make sure you organise them well and highlight the stories that you think are purposeful.

If you are starting out your Instagram business, first focus on gaining followers and then once you have some, start promoting and marketing your brand. Using geotags can help you engage with your local audience. Instagram has a lot of tools that can directly benefit your business, and so you must make optimum use of them.

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