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The new season Bill’s offense is worth looking forward to, the team gets the front Philadelphia eagle runs 卫 勒 恩恩 McCoy, and before the front New York jet walks Perth Harvin. Watekins will partner with the above two people to help this new Bill go further.

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporters, Mahms’ injuries may make him at least three weeks. Old Matt Moore will replace him. Last week, Moore was completed 10 times, pushed 117 yards, reached once, no copy, passed the ball to ratify 89.1. Moore career debut record 15-15, the pass rate of the pass is 60.4%, the averaging is advanced in 192.4 yards, reaching 41 times, being copied 26 times.

The US time Wednesday, Native American Group, which is also a mechanism with Hongyou Trademark Wars eventually abandoned the application. So the judiciary announced the victory of the red skin to obtain this trademark.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Watekins said in an interview: “I still need some time to recover. Compared with your teammates, I have already been behind. I can’t work with my teammates, but I still have to do something. I have been watching defensive video, studying defensive way. I think I will come back soon, I have to advance at all. ”

“I understand that it is not rushing to complete the renewal,” Di Mi Torov said. “We are not as worried about renewal. The only important thing now is that everyone is satisfied so that we can continue to put their attention on the new season.”

He is the number one target of wild horses this year’s free market, and the break is a contract with the team’s contract for 4 years of $ 36 million. Lerega has played 11 games for NET. He is unveiling in the cerebrought between the brain.

Wild Hematrine Lere will enter the injury reserve list
According to media reports, wild horses are expected to make the first offensive Machinery (back) into the injury reserve list. They will sign up from the giant training lineup to Matt Lacosse.

Watekins still recovered, unable to participate in training
The goal of Buffalobier’s new season is to enter the playoffs. As the new core of the team’s pass attack, the Sammy Watkins is hoped. During the tour, Watekins chooses to accept hips surgery. At present, he still recovered, and it is not necessary to participate in the team training.

However, the dispute between Hongpi trademark is not over, before US President Obama publicly expressed the hope of Hong Lee to change the team trademark, and this time with Hong Lee confronts the company’s confrontation.

Falcon General Manager: Unable to determine when to be able to continue with the four points
After Jimmy Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins, it established four-point guards, which looks Matt Ryan and Alon Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) It is not far from getting a big contract. However, Thomas Dimitroff, general manager of Atlantan Feman, is still not anxious to give a new contract.

Washington red skin wins the right to use
Beijing June 30th, Washington Hongpi finally didn’t have to worry about the need to replace the team trademark, this professional sports trademark war on Hongki trademark eventually ended with Red Leather.

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