How to buy and maintain a Sex Doll?

Use your imagination to create exactly what you want, from hairstyles to toenail colors. All LovedollShops dolls are made to order. This means that when you choose your skin tone, eye color and all other options when you buy a Sex Doll on our website, you are actually making the doll with us. If you need help determining which option is best for you, please contact our customer support again.

If you want to keep your sex doll’s skin in perfect condition for longer, you need to know some very important details that will make a difference. Adult Solid Sex Doll The care of sex dolls is not just about the time it takes to clean them after use, but also the time it takes to learn the skills to care for them. From how to wash and store them to how to style a wig or fix a broken finger line.

Made by RealDoll in San Marcos, California, what is considered to be the most human-like robot on the market. According to the designers, the robot will be inspired by the technology used to provide “life” Hollywood silicon dolls, with the real innovation being the development of artificial intelligence to make it more than just a sex toy. It is the question of whether his latest design, the Nova, reflects human interests that have caught the attention of international media organizations.

Sex Doll generally has TPE and silicone dolls, silicone dolls and TPE material for head and body. The advantage of silicone is that the simulation is better, and it can even show pores. or details such as blood vessels. Moreover, after the skin is finished, the oil will not ooze a peculiar smell, but the material is relatively hard, the TPE is relatively soft, and the simulation ability is not as good as that of silica gel. If you buy less TPE, it is easy to leak oil and irritate the smell.

Best reality sex doll

Any sex doll will have some level of maintenance. Vinyl dolls always need to be re-inflated and TPE or silicone always needs to be chalked up. No matter what store you buy Sex Doll in, and no matter what option you choose, to make best sex dolls accompany you longer, you always need to maintain Sex Doll patiently. Lovedollshops not only provides Sex Doll for sale but also related cleaning and maintenance. Guide, please buy with confidence.

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