How to Buy Kebab Meat?


When shopping for kebab meat, you’ll be overwhelmed with the choices as there is a range of different cuts and colours of the meat that are labelled with terms like organic and grass-fed. So, how could you manage to pick the one that good in quality and taste great? What should you look for when shopping for doner kebab meat? The key is to know where your meat came from and what it was fed, as well as checking its appearance in store. Here’s what you should be looking for:-


The colour of the meat says volume about the meat and also helps to determine whether the meat is fresh or not. Poultry meat will usually be in white or pink colour. Ensure that the meat does not have a green colour, especially under the wings. Also, the meat shouldn’t have any blood clot and bruises on the surface. If you are buying red meat, make sure it is bright red in appearance. If the meat is vacuum packed, it may appear slightly brown. This is also good quality meat and will last longer in the refrigerator.


The Texture of the meat is an important consideration when you are buying kebab meat. The texture of the meat should be firm and the muscle fibres should be seen clearly. When you touch the meat, it should be dry rather than sticky, so make sure the meat is not slimy. In addition to it, the meat should not appear translucent and watery when it is cut. On the other hand, with the red meat; it shouldn’t fall out when it is being cut. In the case of red meat, it should not fall off easily when it is being cut. If the fat is yellow in colour, avoid buying as it indicates that the meat is not fresh.

Food safety standards

This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when it comes to buy kebab meat. It is a crucial element that every packaged meat product has a Food Safety and Standards certified label on it to ensure that all food safety standards are met. Make sure the Sydney kebab manufacturers adhere to the food safety standards to ensure the safety of your guests.


A foul or pungent odour to any fresh meat indicates that the meat is spoiled. So, ensure the meat is not spoiled and in condition.

With these tips, you should be able to buy the right kebab meat for your restaurant or home. If you are looking to buy quality kebab meat in Sydney, get in touch with Sydney Kebab.

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