How to Buy Manuka Honey Online?

Manuka Direct Manuka Honey_

Manuka Direct Manuka Honey

Online shopping always comes with an element of chance. The convenience of purchasing items online is tempered by the inability to weigh up a selection, choosing whether to commit to buying it.

There is no shortage of websites offering manuka honey for sale in the UK, and naturally, not all these vendors are equal. If you’re looking to buy manuka honey online, there are qualities that you need to look out for.

There is no denying that price will play a sizable role in any decision to buy manuka honey, online or offline. It’s important to know what to expect when you commit to purchasing this product.

Genuine manuka honey for sale in the UK will not be cheap. If a deal looks too good to be true, it likely is. However, do not fall foul to unscrupulous sellers hiking prices beyond what is deemed reasonable. Compare prices online and ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

Arguably the most important factor when seeking manuka honey for sale in the UK is the origin of the product. Put simply, if the honey does not hail from New Zealand, it is not genuine manuka.

This product can only be extracted from the leptospermum scoparium plant, which in turn only blooms and grows down under. If somebody attempts to convince you to buy manuka honey online based on it being a domestic product, the honey is not authentic.

Laboratory Certification
Manuka honey for sale, UK-based or otherwise, should always come with a certificate of laboratory testing. This means that manuka has been checked and confirmed as authentic, and having the appropriate values associated with manuka.

If you are looking to buy manuka honey online, always ensure that this certification will be supplied. If not, walk away and look for another vendor. For the avoidance of doubt, all products provided by Manuka Direct will include this certificate.

UMF Rating
Finally, perhaps the most important element of choosing where to buy manuka honey online is the UMF factor. Any and all manuka honey for sale in the UK will have a UMF rating.

This must be a rating of 5 at the bare minimum, though most manuka honey used for health benefits will have a UMF rating of 12 or higher. The higher the ranking the better, and this should be clearly defined on the label – and backed up with laboratory certification.

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