How to Buy Outdated Electronic Parts On A Low Budget

Electronic components become obsolete when they have passed the point of repair or replacement as they are not readily available in the market. With the fast-moving pace of technology today, more updating in the hardware and software means a short lifespan for the existing products to survive in the present. Thus the occurrence of obsolete electronic components in manufacturing lines is a common finding.

An obsolete electronic components distributor is not very difficult to find but finding a good and trusted source becomes a challenge. Finding an obsolete components distributor on a low budget is another. People have often reported being cheated online by fraudulent suppliers of obsolete electronic components.

When thinking of sourcing obsolete electronic components, testing and authentication of the products being bought become very essential. GreenTree Electronics specializes in this particular field by providing electronic components testing service to prove the authenticity of their products and services can be fully traced back to them.

This builds trust and credibility for their brand in the market which is why they have been functioning for over 20 years in the same field as a distributor of IC’s, a distributor of flash memory, and being a distributor of obsolete electronic components. That joins Volatile and non-Volatile IC’s and Memory modules of world-driving creators: Micron, Nanya, Samsung, PSC, Infineon, Kingston, IDT, ISSI, Hitachi, Cypress, NEC, and Toshiba. They provide a quality inspection with every purchase order they receive ensuring the quality of the products.

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