How to Buy Red and Black German Shepherd Puppies: A Brief Guide

German Shepherds are intelligent, resilient, and brave. While getting German Shepherd dogs as pets can be a great idea, you may want to explore their personality and behavior to see if you can have them around.

When you think of German Shepherds, your options are not limited to black German Shepherd puppies. If you are passionate about dogs and won’t mind exploring interesting choices, red German Shepherd puppies can be a brilliant idea.

Red German Shepherds are a little expensive – these puppies can cost anywhere between $500-$2000. The unusual color of their skin makes them attractive and adorable. Their loving nature makes them devoted family pets and trusted companions.

German Shepherds had coats in black and red in the 1800s. The earliest German Shepherd dogs were not meant to be adopted as pets. As evident from its name, this German breed was deployed to herd sheep.

Some Things to Consider While Buy Red and Black German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd can make excellent pets, but you need to make the right choices to make your decision count.


German Shepherd dogs have different roles. While some dogs make great companions, others are show dogs. Before you buy solid breed German Shepherd puppies, you should know what works best for you. You can also find working quality dogs that will assist you in achieving specific purposes.

The most sought-after German Shepherd dogs are friendly and affectionate. Owing to their loyal and devoted nature, black and red GSDs are great family pets. They are good around kids and can be trained to be trusted companions.

Show quality GSDs are competent and healthy dogs. These variants can be raised as competition-quality dogs.

Working German Shepherds are disciplined and resilient dogs. These dogs can perform several essential tasks, climbing, competitions, military drills, and many more.


Male German Shepherds are stronger than their female counterparts. While male solid breed GSD puppies will grow into dominant dogs, female GDS puppies will become less dominant. If you are a first-time owner, you may want to stick to a female GSD. Male GSDs are territorial of their home, yard, and handlers. As opposed to female GSDs that bond well with everyone around them, male GSD only get along with their handlers.

Red and Black Coat German Shepherd Varieties

Red German Shepherd puppies are color varieties – black-dark red, black-light red, and other dominant shades.

Red German Shepherds are rare breeds that are known for their unusual richness of the coat. The color of the coat varies from one dog to another. Many German Shepherds have dark reddish-brown coats, and some of them have strawberry blonde color. Generally, German Red German Shepherds have black patches on their face.

If you wonder where to find pure breed German Shepherd puppies, you can explore local pet stores or GSD rescue camps. Before you check out red and black german shepherd puppies for sale, use the mentioned guidelines to filter your search and take home a lovely companion.

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