How to Cancel JetBlue Flight Ticket Booking & Reservations – Same-Day Changes, and Standby: Policy & Fee

Things to be aware of JetBlue Policy on Flight Cancellation:

It is important to remember this prior to JetBlue flight cancellations.

  • JetBlue Flight cancellation within 24 hours Cancellation within 24 hours: You are able to cancel your airline ticket up to 24 hours from when you purchased the ticket (provided that you book the flight at least seven days prior to the time of departure) and will not be charged the cancellation cost (regardless of the type of ticket you purchased) Reservations that have gone through modifications aren’t allowed to be refunded to the original method of payment. You may be charged an additional cancellation fee per person regardless of whether the booking was made less than 24 hours from making the initial reservation.
  • If the ticket is cancelled after one business day and you are not able to cancel it within one business day, you will be charged the penalty cost.
  • A JetBlue cancellation ticket is to be used only for credit towards flights. This is valid for one year of cancellation.


How To Cancel a Flight on JetBlue

Fortunately, JetBlue makes the process to modify or cancel your flight fairly simple. Just visit their website and log in into the TrueBlue account. After logging in, Click Manage Trips, then select the flight you’d like to cancel. Upcoming Travel.

Changes and Cancellations on Nonrefundable Fares1

There is no fee for cancellations or changes for most fares, with the exception of Blue Basic.

Reservations that are made a week or more before the departure of the flight may be cancelled at no cost until 24 hours after the reservation has been made.

For tickets purchased between June 8 and 2021:

Blue Basic: It can be cancelled or changed for an additional $100 when traveling within U.S., Caribbean, Mexico or Central America, or $200 for any other route (fare differs).

Blue/Blue Plus/Blue Extra/Mint: Differential in the price only.

Refund Your JetBlue flight within the next 24 hours

If your trip was booked for seven or more days before the time of departure, then you are entitled to 24 hours from the date the reservation was made to cancel the reservation without being charged the JetBlue flight Cancellation cost. The entire reservation must be cancelled to be eligible (not applicable to JetBlue Vacations reservations).

Changes to bookings are not eligible for reimbursement to the original form of payment. In addition, they may have to pay a cancellation fee per person dependent on the amount of travel regardless of whether it was less than 24 hours from making the reservation.

Cancellations can be done through or by contact JetBlue.

JetBlue Standby and Same-day Change Policy

Same-day Change

JetBlue customers can be able to make a confirmed same-day change at a cost of $75 (no price difference applies). The same-day switch must be done on the day you travel starting at midnight in the time zone of the departing flight.

The option to switch flights on the same day can only be found in major cities that have many flights in a day.

JetBlue Same-day Flight Change Details

  • Same-day switches are offered for all costs.
  • You can alter your travel to a later or earlier flight the same day of your scheduled flight.
  • It is necessary to travel within the same pair of cities or, if applicable within or out of nearby airports (see the various airport alternatives).
  • The same-day switch is initiated with midnight, in accordance to the timezone of the departing flight. This option can only be made on the exact calendar day that you originally scheduled flight.
  • Mosaic customers are not charged the same day switch cost and are able to switch flights at least 24 hours before the flight time originally scheduled.
  • Customers who purchase refundable tickets do not have to pay a switch cost.
  • TrueBlue redemption bookings can be converted to same-day swaps.
  • Interline reservations may be eligible for same-day switch based on the situation and the minimum connections times. Same-day changes to bookings made with interline must be requested through JetBlue.

JetBlue Standby

Standby travel is dependent on the availability of seats. It is not guaranteed and, depending on the price, could be at risk of an extra charge of $75 (no price difference applies).

If you want to standby for travel it is necessary to have bought a seat on JetBlue. Standby can be listed on any flight that has sold-out between the cities you are traveling on the same day as the day of your confirmed departure.

JetBlue Standby information

  • There is a charge of $75 to include standby on all fares , with the exception of Blue Extra. The fee will be refunded in the event that you do not get confirmation on the standby flight.
  • You can list standby in the terminal prior to your initial flight. Standby travel can’t be booked via the internet or over the phone.
  • It is necessary to travel in the same cities (i.e. that you could be confirmed by an unstoppable flight and then travel standby for an connecting flight, or vice versa, so long as the destination and origin cities of destination remain exactly the same).
  • If you have an More(r) Space seat and opt to travel standby and not pay the cost of your seat and will cannot be qualified for an refund.
  • Customers who live in cities that have multiple flights are able to travel standby but only for that day. Standby is not offered to passengers departing from cities that have only one flight per day.
  • Mint(r) customers are able to decide to standby for travel, but the Mint seat is not secured and will only be assigned if there is a seat available. The fee of $75 applies and no refund for your Mint experiences will be offered in the event that a seat is allocated.
  • It is important to note that when you list as standby, only 1 person for each reservation is required to be present at the airport. For check-in the individual has to be present.
  • Mosaic customers as well as customers who have an refundable fare won’t be charged a charge to standby on the list.
  • JetBlue passengers who are on Blue, Blue Plus and Mint fare plans are not in the position of having to pay any cancellation or change charges as long as the change is done prior to the day of travel. There is only a difference in the price.

Blue Extra tickets will remain free of fee for cancellation or changes in addition to complimentary same-day switch. Different fares will be applicable.

The passengers who are who purchase Blue Basic fares will be allowed to take JetBlue cancellations and changes to flights to bookings within the U.S, Caribbean, Mexico as well as Central America for $100, or $200 for other routes.

Same-day switching is possible for $75 without the need to pay a fare difference. Mosaic members are exempt from the same-day switch cost.

A fee of $75 will be charged for same day changes, however the cost of a fare difference will not be charged.

The cancellation policies are divided into these ways:

Cancellations made within 24 hours

Similar to other airlines passengers, JetBlue’s passengers are able to cancel their reservations within 24 hours of the date of reservation to claim an entire refund. There are no JetBlue flight Cancellation fees will be charged.

JetBlue’s Other Booking Terms & Conditions:

  • Passengers are required to book their tickets within one week, or more prior to departure. Anyone who has booked prior or within a week can cancel their reservation within 24 hours, without being charged.
  • The cancellation fee is credit towards JetBlue Flight Credit that is which is valid for a year.
  • There’s also a ‘no show’ clause which states that if you don’t show up at the airport and you don’t make a decision to cancel the flight, all your money is confiscated
  • JetBlue offers the following services to its customers in the event of a cancelled flight of the airlines:

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JetBlue Full refund

  • Re-accommodation upon the next flight is free of extra cost.
  • If the airline decides to cancel any flight and is not able to provide customers with an alternative transport within the hour, passengers are entitled to payment.
  • JetBlue does not accept fee refunds for delay, diverts or other changes resulting from any change that is beyond the control of JetBlue i.e. any natural disaster, such as storms.
  • In addition, passengers who suffer from any delays on the flight are able to claim compensation.
  • Refund Policies of JetBlue:
  • There are two kinds of tickets offered by JetBlue:

Non-refundable tickets: The customers may cancel their reservations prior to the time for departure of their flight by using this website, or contact the airline. the balance in question will be added to your Jetcredit that can be used later on. I.e within one year from the date of booking, or the money will be taken.

Refundable tickets: If the flight is cancelled by the PNR prior to departure and only then a complete refund can be granted through JetBlue. If the flight is not cancelled before the departure date aren’t allowed to be refunded in the event that the ticket is in an open state for use in the future.

JetBlue’s cancellation policies: What type of ticket

JetBlue Standard Tickets

All customers have 24-hour notice from the time of their reservation to cancel their reservation without incurring any cancellation fees regardless of the price that they have selected. This is the case when your reservation is scheduled seven or more days before the date of departure.

If you fail to show on your scheduled flight, and you do not alter or cancel the flight before the time of departure time, the total amount of money that was related to the segment is forfeited.

If you paid for your flight using TrueBlue points and points purchased the ticket will be transferred back to the account of your TrueBlue account.

JetBlue Refundable Tickets

Another alternative is to purchase an refundable ticket. Although this is substantially more costly, it offers the added benefit of flexibility. If you need the cancellation of your trip, the reimbursement will be made according to the original method of payment, and not to receiving a future credit for your flight.

JetBlue Mosaic Members

JetBlue has only one level of elite status, which is Mosaic. You are eligible for Mosaic status by collecting 15,000 base flight points during one calendar year or flying 30 segments and 12,000 base flight points in the calendar year. Basis flight points refer to three times points for every dollar you earn when you fly JetBlue flights. In addition to a host of other benefits, charges for same-day switch-outs are free for Mosaic members as well as all other passengers that are included on their itinerary.

Change or cancellation of award tickets

If you do decide to cancel or change an award ticket purchased using TruBlue points, the cancellation fee can be calculated based on the value in cash of your ticket.

For instance, if you came across a bargain and decided to use suppose 11,000 TrueBlue points to book the price of $158, you’ll have to pay a cash charge to modify or cancel that flight.

JetBlue award tickets are changed or cancellation

If you do decide to modify or cancel an award ticket that you booked using TruBlue points, the cancellation fee is determined by the cash value of the ticket.

For instance, if you came across a deal and used suppose 11,000 TrueBlue points to purchase the price of $158, you’ll need to pay a cash cost to change or cancel the flight.

When you book your trip through an intermediary travel agency such as Kayak or Expedia The same applies. Many online travel agencies have updated their policies to be in line with airline’s. But, you must call the travel agency first to ask for a reimbursement.

If you have used credit card points or portals such as Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal or Amex Travel you there are some flights you might be able cancel online.

Even so, you could need to contact your bank directly to ask for the refund.

The reasons JetBlue has to cancel their service.

  • As a result of a pandemic JetBlue Carrier was hit hard by the virus, and advised federal and state officials to stay at home in a variety of situations to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • JetBlue Airways revealed Sunday to employees that it was planning to end 100 flights.
  • This week, it operates at a fraction of its normal duration because its services are reduced to meet the lower need for passengers travelling.
  • JetBlue Airline has slowed its schedules in the wake of the coronavirus threat to decrease demand for travel and efforts to stop it.
  • Airline and travel companies are seeking government aid of around USD 58 billion, with hal of which in cash subsidy and the remainder as loans.
  • The procedural vote did not pass on an important incentive plan designed to fight the impact of viruses upon the US economy. The plan comprised just JetBlue Airline loans.

Compensation for Cancellation & Delay:

If you experience a delay or cancellation of your flight on the part or the airlines, you’re qualified for compensation. If you purchased your ticket through JetBlue airline an notification will be sent out within seven days following your flight departure, if you qualify to receive compensation.

  • If the cancellation notice is received within 4 hours, the amount of compensation is $50.
  • If the cancellation notice is issued postponed until the day of departure, the compensation amount is $100.

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