How to Cancel My Timeshare? 3 Steps to Go!


If you are thinking about cancelling your timeshare, there are some steps you must follow to make sure it’s done legally and that you have the best chance of successfully cancelling your timeshare contract. Contact the best timeshare attorney in Florida now and they will help you with all the paperwork so you can cancel your timeshare in Florida quickly and easily!

Step 1 – Attend Timeshare Presentation

As with any contract, a timeshare contract is only valid if you sign it. The one time you might have that power is when a representative of your timeshare company comes to your resort during high season and talks to you about buying more points or making an exchange. If you do not want that timeshare, make sure you attend his presentation. Otherwise, he may put pressure on you to buy something at a lower-tier resort (or trade out) for something more expensive. During that presentation, ask lots of questions about how to cancel your timeshare if you decide it’s not for you—this gives them pause and makes them less likely to sell another property while they are there.

Step 2 – Research Florida Statutes

Timeshares are subject to complex laws and regulations, which vary state by state. To find out what your options are legally and ethically in your state, it’s important to do some research. The only reliable way to guarantee your attorney is looking out for you—and not their own interests—is to hire timeshare attorney in Florida who has a proven track record of success. For example, have they been able to exit other timeshare owners from their contracts? If so, how long did it take them? How many clients do they have working through the same process at any given time? With a reputable exit-team or attorney on your side (more on that later), these answers will be readily available when you ask them during initial consultations.

Step 3 – Speak To an Attorney

While there are do-it-yourself websites and books out there those claims to know all about ‘how to cancel my timeshare,’ many of them are dated and have misinformation. The only way to know for sure if you can legally cancel a timeshare is to speak with an attorney who specializes in such cases. And yes, there are attorneys who specialize in helping people escape their timeshares. No one will ever be able to guarantee your success at getting out of a timeshare—at least not before they’ve taken your case and looked into your specific situation. But many attorneys have a very high success rate at helping people escape from their unwanted time shares; it just depends on what you’re willing to invest up front.

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