Delta Airlines is a low-cost airline and always make sure that the passenger can easily book flights at a low cost and save money on expensive flights. However due to some uncertainty, at times people are compelled to cancel their bookings and let go of the much-awaited flight trip.

Now once you are fully convinced that the flight ticket has been canceled, you cancel simply apply for the flight refund. Now if you move towards the flight refund part, you have to take care of a few of the flight policies linked. To find more, about the Delta Airlines refund, tap below.

Steps to cancel the flight on Delta Airline

  1. To cancel the flight on Delta Airlines, first of all, tap on the website and then move to the manage booking section of the airline. Now under the ‘manage booking’ link and then choose the option of a flight cancellation on the flight.
  2. Now that manage the booking link, you can choose to pick the option of cancel flight and then make sure that you all the details like booking number and PNR.
  3. Just enter the details regarding the flight booking like the PNR number plus the name of the passenger. Now as soon as the detailed information related to Delta Airlines and then tap on the cancel button to confirm the cancellation of the flight.
  4. You can process the flight cancellation even with the help of the helpline number and process the flight cancellation.

Flight refund policies of the Delta Airlines

  1. If you choose to book flights for Delta Airlines and now seeking a flight refund then here is how the airline can help you out.
  2. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the booking and then apply for the flight refund without any deduction!
  3. Similarly, if the flight was canceled after 24 hours of the booking then you can take the refund on the flight only after deduction of the cancelation fee.
  4. And if the flight ticket is an award flight then you won’t be able to find any type of flight refund but you can apply for the flight voucher that you can use anytime for the next twelve months.
  5. And for applying for the flight refund, you have to fill out the flight refund form along with all the details and then apply for the flight refund.

In case you have any doubts related to the booking then contact the customer care team of the airline and then contact the Delta customer service number.

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