How to Capture and View Screenshots on Your Apple Watch

Screenshots are one of the most minor yet intriguing features a device has to offer. It can facilitate several functions like quickly saving some information or capturing a pic from Instagram without using a third-party application. Apple Watch provides the function as well, and in case you do not know how then we are going to help you out.

So here are the ways to capture and view screenshots on your Apple Watch.

Set the Watch to Capture Screenshots

The function first needs to be enabled before functioning. Here is how you can do so:

  1. Launch the Watch app on the iPhone
  2. Press General on the main menu
  3. Go to Enable Screenshots
  4. Switch it On

Following the steps would enable your Apple Watch to capture screenshots by pressing the side button alongside the Digital Crown at the same time. You will hear a snap sound if the Watch is not muted and will get a white flash as well.

How to Review the Screenshots

Follow the provided steps to review the screenshots you have taken.

  1. Launch the photo app in iPhone
  2. Locate Media Types
  3. Search Screenshots and tap on it

Album Sync

The screenshots can be reviewed on the Watch as well; however, it will take some time. The Watch has to be in sync with the iPhone’s photo app. For instance, in case you wish to see the most recent pics on the Watch, including the screenshots, then sync with the Recently Added album.  Here is how you can do so:

  1. Launch the Watch application on your iPhone
  2. Go to the Photos app on your main menu
  3. Open Synced Album
  4. Choose the Recently Added album

It does not necessarily have to in sync with that particular folder. For instance, you can also sync the Watch with Favorites album, and then mark the screenshot as Favorite. You can sync it by holding the pic for a long-time on the Photo App on iPhone and then choosing Favorites amidst the pop-up list.

You can also create an exclusive album to keep all the screenshots taken on the Watch. Name it to your liking and sync the album with the Watch. Utilize the Photos app on the iPhone and move your screenshots there. You can also pick other items to move to that album.

Follow the steps thoroughly and ensure that both your iPhone and Apple Watch is charged adequately before starting the syncing process.


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