How to care for an oncological wig in summer?

Summer is here, and with it, fun plans on the beach or delicious barbecues, but also the heat and humidity. All this means that this season, wearing Braid wigs is a challenge.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stop wearing your cancer Braid wig, as it helps you feel strong and beautiful during the chemotherapy process. Discover these tips for wearing wigs in summer and the best tips to maintain them.

Tips on how to wear a wig in summer:

Whether you’re undergoing chemotherapy and just starting to lose your hair, or it’s growing back, it’s important to protect your extra-sensitive scalp from the sun.

Hats, scarves, and wigs are ideal solutions to protect your scalp from the scorching sun. Of course, it can be hard to know how to be stylish and comfortable during the heat. Many women avoid wigs during the summer months to avoid overheating. But there is good news; you do not have to do it.

Wear a synthetic wig:

Human Knotless braid wigs are great during cold weather, but you may want to consider synthetic hair for warmer weather.

Synthetic wigs are lightweight, which makes your head more comfortable and cool in summer. They retain their style, which means they won’t change shape.

In addition, another of their main advantages is that they are more resistant to fading or changing colors in the sun.

Choose short styles:

Short Wigs for black women are a great option for the summer months. With less hair, and less weight, which translates to being much cooler, you will even avoid sweat on the neck. Plus, they’re easy to maintain—who has time to worry about their hair while having fun in the sun?

Do not get the wig wet at the beach or swimming pool:

Chemicals from swimming pools or salt from the beach can damage the fibers of your Short braided wigs. You can wear your wig in the summer when you sunbathe or go for a walk, but if you want to take a dip you can use a swimming cap or a colorful bandana to protect you from the sun while you bathe.

Use a scarf or cap when wearing the wig:

Any other tips on how to make a wig look natural? Just like with your real hair, you can accessorize your cancer wig. Use a scarf, hat, or headband to achieve a cheerful and cared-for look, just like you would your hair.

Here we explain how to put on cancer tissue correctly. In addition to looking pretty, you will be able to fix your Box braids, keeping them in place safely.


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