How to Care for Your Amaryllis Plants This Christmas Season

Amaryllis are the perfect gift for Christmas, especially if you have green fingers. Keep on reading to find out more about these beautiful plants and how to care for them over the festive period. Amaryllis are tropical plants that thrive in a humid environment and will remain dormant until it is triggered by changes in light and temperature (usually around October) and begins growing new leaves. These spectacular plants produce large, trumpet-shaped flowers with petals striped in red, orange, yellow and purple. Once they finish blooming you can continue to keep the amaryllis happy by replanting them in a pot filled with peat moss, watering them once every two weeks, but only if the soil is dry.

Why Should You Care for Your Amaryllis Over Christmas?

Amaryllis plants are one of the most popular indoor plants that are grown around Christmas time. They are easy to care for and will last you through the festive season and beyond. These bushy plants look stunning when grown in large pots or displayed in decorative planters and will brighten up any room or windowsill. Amaryllis flowers have the ability to smell like an exotic mix of citrus, vanilla and almond, and are often used in bouquets and centrepieces because they last a long time. These beautiful plants will make excellent gifts for family and friends and are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Amaryllis plants are native to South America and are easy to care for. They are one of the few flowering plants that can be grown indoors all year round, even in winter. Amaryllis are also great for people who have black thumb because they are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of attention. Christmas Amaryllis

## How to Care for Your Amaryllis: What You Need

Amaryllis plants require very little attention and can thrive on neglect, but if you want to keep them healthy and happy, you need to know how to care for them properly. The first thing you need is a large pot (at least 12 inches across) that has been filled with a good, organic potting soil. You can also use peat moss, but this can be messy. Before planting, make sure the soil is loose and well-drained. Plant the bulb as deep as it was growing originally. A good tip is to poke a pencil into the soil to mark the spot where you’ve planted the bulb, so you can make sure it doesn’t get buried.

Next, you will need to water the plant. You should water when the soil is dry, but never when it is wet. You can use a moisture meter to make sure that you are watering it correctly. Amaryllis thrive in a humid environment so you should mist them at least once a week.

Other things you need to look out for include making sure that the bulb is kept at a temperature of 65 degrees, and that the plant gets 12 hours of sunlight per day. You should also fertilize the plant twice a month from October to February.

You can also prune the plant if it becomes too tall and start new plants from the bulbs when they have finished flowering.

Grow an Amaryllis in Water

The easiest way to grow an amaryllis is to plant it in water—no soil required. You will need a large, clean bucket and a pot that is wide enough to sit inside the bucket. Place the pot in the bucket, fill the bucket with water and then add the bulb. You should change the water every week if you want the amaryllis to bloom, but if you are happy with the flowers blooming for longer, you can change the water every two weeks.

Keep the amaryllis in a sunny spot, but out of direct sunlight. Keep the water at room temperature and change it every week.

Grow an Amaryllis from Seed

If you want to go the extra mile when growing an amaryllis, you can germinate the seeds and grow them from seed. You will need a seed tray filled with a mixture of potting soil and sand, a humidity dome, and a spray bottle. Place a few seeds in each section of the tray and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Mist the seeds with water until they have sprouted and make sure to keep the soil moist. Amaryllis seeds should germinate within 14 days and you can transplant them into pots once they have two leaves. You can keep the seedlings indoors until the weather is warm enough for them to be planted outdoors.

Grow an Amaryllis From a Bulb

If you want to grow an amaryllis from a bulb, you will need to buy one that is already sprouted and has two leaves, or buy a bulb that hasn’t sprouted yet and grow it in water until it has sprouted. You can then plant the bulb in a pot filled with soil, water it every two weeks until the soil is almost dry, and place the pot in a sunny spot. Make sure to water it only when the soil is almost dry.


Amaryllis plants are a beautiful addition to any home or office and make perfect gifts during the festive season. You can choose to care for them by planting them in a pot or water, or by growing them from seeds or bulbs. These beautiful plants will brighten up any room during the festive season, and you can enjoy them long after the Christmas tree has been taken down. These stunning plants are easy to care for and will make an excellent addition to any home.

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