How to Catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Soon there will be two major expansion arising in Pokémon Sword and shield as Game Freak, and Nintendo officially confirms the news. They will initiate this expansion by Isle of Armor in the initial week of forthcoming June. The expansion will bring major changes to the game, especially in the Pokémon aspect as new Pokémon is arriving in Sword and Shield.

Although, June seems to be pretty far from now so the players need to hold on their excitation for some time. However, there are some Pokémon from this expansion that players can attain before their arrival. In this article, we are highlighting the process of attaining Slowpoke, who is a prominent Pokémon of the franchise.

Slowpoke is a Galarian Pokemon in this video game, and thus, it will not spawn in the wild. Players need to locate it in a particular section of the Galar region. Read this article carefully to know about Slowpoke spawn locations and ways to catch it.

Find Slowpoke

The spawning location of Slowpoke always remains the same in this generation of game, so players who are worrying about their old version of the game needs to calm down. They can also attain Galarian Slowpoke in this location.

Players need to head to Wedgehurst Station to locate Galarian Slowpoke; however, there is one twist in this process. Players need to interact with Klara if they are playing the Sword version. Whereas in Shield, they need to interact with Avery Instead of Klara. Both Klara and Avery are the new rivals of the players in the Isle of Armor.

Once the player talks with the preferred rival, then they can catch Slowpoke in the Wedgehurst Station region. Players need to ensure that they save their game after catching Slowpoke otherwise they will lose Slowpoke after arriving at the expansion. Besides, it is recommended to catch Slowpoke as soon as possible because it is an easy task to accomplish. Additionally, the new expansion will also bring several new opportunities for the players, but yet we cannot say whether this accomplishment will be easy or intricate.

Evolve Galarian Slowpoke

The Pokémon world summons various mystery alongside stunning aspects, and one of them is the evolution process of Pokémon. Once players catch Slowpoke, they may want to know about the evolution process for Slowpoke, and thus, we have also highlighted that fact. First, players who don’t know the Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro.

However, it can also evolve into Galarian Slowking in this version of the game, and it is quite unfortunate because the item that is a major prerequisite for this evolution will be arriving in the forthcoming expansion, aka The Isle of Armor. Players need to keep their patience, at least for the evolution stuff.


There will be more forthcoming events and expansion in the world of Sword and Shield, and one of them is The Crown Tundra. However, it is not officially announced neither by Niantic nor by Game Freaks so it is now only a rumor. In the end, we hope that you will find this article useful, and if you are new to the virtuality of Sword and Shield, then you can play it on Nintendo Switch.

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