How to Catch Ground-Type Pokémon for Sinnoh Throwback Challenge in Pokémon Go

A whole new event known as Sinnoh Throwback Event has arrived in Pokémon Go. The event has brought various challenges for gamers. Every challenge will grant a specific reward to the gamers, and accomplishing all of them is quite simple. One of the challenges of Sinnoh Throwback Event is to catch a Ground-Type Pokémon. Several gamers have stated that the challenge is hard to accomplish, so below we have provided a specific workaround to catch a Ground-Type Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It is suggested to read the following process carefully to avail of the best outcome.


Before proceeding further to the following process, let us first brief our new gamers about Ground-Type Pokémon. Ground-Type Pokémons are the ones that possess an ability to use the ground as their strength. Although there are several Ground-Type Pokémons in the Poké world, in Pokémon Go right now, there are only two Ground-type Pokémon available. Gamers have the option of either catching Gible or Hippopotas. These two are one of the rarest Pokémons in the Pokémon Go world. Gamers have the chance to spawn both of them during the night.

How to Catch Ground-Type Pokémon

Although it is nearly impossible to encounter a new Ground-Type Pokémon except for Hippopotas and Gible, however during various events or rewards, the gamers can catch several other Ground-Type Pokémons. The gamers who are aware of the GBL encounter can easily obtain Stunfisk or Larvitar while the gamers can also add a Hippowdon to their lineup through raiding at Tier 4.

One of the best ways to entice the Ground-Type Pokémon such as Alolan or Onix towards you is to use Magnetic Lures. Another alternative of luring a Ground-Type Pokémon towards you is to complete the Hoenn Challenge. However, this challenge has been wrapped up, the gamers who have accomplished it are lucky as they would get a Marshstomp as a reward. Marshstomp is a Ground as well as Water-Type Pokémon.

Besides, the best and the challenging way to find a Ground-Type Pokémon for gamers is to encounter it. It is a fun aspect to encounter a Pokémon in Pokémon Go rather than intentionally locating it. The gamers need to move to the areas where the spawning rate of Ground-Type Pokémon is high. The gamers should try finding the Ground-Type Pokémon in the parking lots, parks, farms, woods, and hiking trails.

Nintendo now includes new events in Pokémon Go every week. The Sinnoh Throwback Event will be over after 29th May, so the gamers should complete all its challenges before it wraps up.

The gamers who are willing to start playing Pokémon Go can obtain its gaming experience on iOS and Android devices.

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